To the editor:

When I moved to Auburn late in the summer of 1988 to continue my teaching career at DeKalb High School, it wasn’t but a couple of weeks into the first semester that I began hearing my students talking about the Free Fall Fair. Girls whispered and giggled about going with that special guy. And, the guys boasted about meeting up with that certain girl to walk to the midway, with the hope of winning her a teddy bear and to scream at the thrill of the carnival rides. I heard all about the food vendors, the parade, the 4-H competitions, and as the time drew closer to that September week when the DeKalb County Free Fall Fair was laid out in all its glory, that was the only thing my students had on their minds.

Naturally, I had to check out what all the excitement was about so I attended my first fall fair, but, I was not prepared for the extent of this local event. It was everything and more that my students had talked about in the halls of DHS. Men and women of this community had spent an entire year planning and organizing to make this fair the success it has been since 1931. Later I learned one such man was Mike Ley of Signature Construction in Auburn. He has served on the fair board for over two decades and is now 1st V.P. He has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Fair Association. For the past four years, he and his wife Sara have been in charge of concessions and the carnival around the midway. To assure that everything is up and running by the time hundreds of visitors arrive at the fair, this husband and wife team is there long before vendors are open and the carnival gets in full swing. On one such morning a lady from Ft. Wayne, who had been coming to the fair for 28 years just to buy those famous donuts, had a bad fall near where Mike was standing. After he and Larry Dove called 911 and the EMS had left, they drove her car to the hospital and went to the ER to check on her. She was more upset about not getting her donuts than the cast the doctor had put on her broken arm; so, Mike personally returned to the vendor and made sure she went home with her yearly stash of those prized pastries. Mike Ley is interested in every aspect of our community, from the individual to its overall progress. He has a vision and a plan to move Auburn into the future. As mayor, Mike Ley assures its citizens that Auburn will remain a stellar city in northeast Indiana

Barbara Metelko


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