To the editor:

During this season of Thanksgiving, there are so many to thank for the American Red Cross Blood Drive held on Nov. 6, 2020.

First, thanks to Trinity Church United Methodist, for providing their hospitality and space. Second, to the men and women who donated their time to help set up, tear down and assist the Red Cross staff: Edward Weber, Alan Maxson, Bill Mock, Al Ensley, Marietta Hite, Doris Baker, Sue Clifton, Susan Wert, Sylvia Ensley and Peg Anderson. Third, to The News Sun and WAWK for publicity.

Most of all, a heartfelt thanks to the people who donated blood: Alan Maxson, Julia Nixon, Glenn Weimer, Bill Fenstermacher, Marian Thibeau, Carl Root, Steve Brittenham, Kathy Brittenham, Logan Garrett, Ronald Henschen, Bill Hullinger, Suzanne Mountz, Bronwyn Eminger, Rachel Vanderpool, Carolyn Moor, Donna Coburn, Linda Yoder, David Beare, Richard Borger, Ronald Stryjewski, Larry Lafevor, John Krettler, Ed Miller, Joy Krug, Nancy Strater, Jeff Lehman, Mathies Smith, Mary Smith, Alma Conley, Lynn Durbin, Paula Graden, Flora Borger, Kaitlin Jones, Sylvia Ensley, Violette Wysong, Linda Bender, Margaret Sanders, Shirley Miller, Amanda Kimmel, Anne Tipple, Melissa Phillips, Tim Carteaux, Melissa Green, Kelsie Duehmig, Kellie Elliot, Ronald Mellot, Joseph Ross, Lacy Potts, Angie Smith and Julie Becker.

On behalf of all the people these blood donations will help — thank you, thank you, thank you!

Judy Butler, publicity


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