Mike Ley’s heart and head are committed to Auburn

To the editor:

We are enthusiastically supporting Mike Ley to be Auburn’s next mayor!

After living in other cities as we started our careers, we moved to Auburn to be close to our family and enjoy the benefits of a close-knit community. It is important to us to live in a place that honors tradition and also looks to the future.

Mike is the only candidate who has business experience and employed people. He is the only candidate who has worked in city government and in the private sector, which gives him a unique understanding of the difficulty that government regulation can impose, while recognizing how government can help in creating a “quality of place” for us all.

Mike Ley has committed countless volunteer hours to civic projects and community organizations across Auburn and DeKalb County. Even now, he is spearheading privately-funded efforts to build a pedestrian bridge across Cedar Creek and a downtown public restroom facility — all as a volunteer.

He has a good working knowledge of city government, having served as the city’s building administrator. His own construction company has built homes and commercial buildings throughout the city. Mike understands the need to encourage our employers to continue to invest here and people to move here in order to build a vibrant community.

Mike’s heart and head are committed to making Auburn a place where people want to live, work and play. And that is important to us as we raise our family here.

Mike Ley is our choice for mayor, and we urge everyone to vote for him.

Anne and Rudi Eidam


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