To the editor:

I’m Regan Ford, your city councilman at-large. I’m truly excited about the future for our city. There are many good reasons to be optimistic about our city’s future considering what we’ve already accomplished in recent years together.

Your mayor and city council continue to be good stewards of your tax dollars with a common sense approach to spending and budgets. We work at solving problems by working in collaboration together with the community.

Even with the challenges we’ve faced, such as the clean-up of the McCray complex fire, we’ve partnered with the new community learning center with no cost to the city, both saving an historic property and providing innovation and learning capacity for our Kendallville community. In addition, it will be a source of entertainment and facility for more partnerships for local program providers.

But, we have many more good reasons to celebrate and remain optimistic about our future. In example, by leveraging local funds 15 Kendallville streets will receive $1,329,837 in improvements with a Community Crossings Grant. This is in addition to street improvements currently being made at this time. And, our downtown will undergo a major $1.3 million facelift by leveraging local funds with a $600,000 grant also recently awarded.

A new not-for-profit group has formed that will buy run down properties and renovate them. Private investors are doing the same. The Noble County Council on Aging’s new Senior Center is under construction on South Main Street. Phase 2 of the development of the Outdoor Recreation Complex has been completed including the delivery of a state of the art mobile professional stage that can be used for a host activities, festivals and special events.

And, we’ve been able to improve capacity and efficiency of our wastewater treatment facilities with an $8.5 million plant expansion.

Our team works together to take a common sense approach to solving problems and growing the Kendallville community, while making best and efficient use of the people’s money and resources. Our citizen-led boards and committees work.

Our city’s accomplishments are a tribute to the collaboration and efforts we’ve made by working together as a community. We are actively engaged in support of community driven efforts and projects that will preserve and enhance Kendallville in a responsible way.

I love being your representative and your voice on the Kendallville City Council. I take my position as your city councilman at-large very seriously and I’ve been fully engaged and have worked at it. I will continue to do so. I consider it an honor to serve you.

Please vote for our team … W. Suzanne Handshoe for mayor, Amy Ballard for District 3 council person and for Regan Ford for Kendallville city councilman at-large.

Regan Ford


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