To the editor:

An audible, collective gasp followed by silence. The fans, from both teams, stunned as they watched the quarterback writhing on the ground. This was the scene during the third quarter of the Giants and Cowboys games. Dak Prescott has always been a favorite, mainly because of his leadership ability and how he always seems to come off as such a genuine guy. The hit leading up to the injury was not malicious. One player was trying to get a sack, the other was trying to get away. Both players were on the field doing what they were being paid to do, nothing "dirty" about it.

However, what happened after just goes to show how off the rails we as a culture have become.

A journalist named Roy Lang III wrote about how a player named Rashad Jennings had tackled and maimed Dak Prescott. Here is the kicker, Rashad Jennings has been retired for years, and even when he played, he didn't even play on the defense. A simple google search could have avoided the mess that followed which included death threats and a stream of harassment aimed squarely at Rashad Jennings. The response? A half-hearted apology.

The reason I bring this up is that it's become so common for people to post misinformation without any regard or consequence for the content. It seems like the trend is to just have this knee jerk reaction to any bit of information and then to dog-pile onto it. You see it in politics, you see it in the media, and you see it in every day life. We're better than this.

Stanley Dziaba


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