To the editor:

In response to Mr. Jones letter of Jan. 9, he must be forgetting the White House blocked key witnesses from testifying. That is obstruction, Mr. Jones. Over and over testimony from highly regarded diplomats, Republican and Democrats, came to the same conclusion that withholding much needed aide to Ukraine was wrong. They testified because it was their duty under the oath they swore to uphold. They knew their reputations would be smeared and yet they calmly and intelligently told their stories. Can't say the same for those that were directly involved. Grown men were afraid of repercussions from the White House.

I ask you this, Mr. Jones, what would your response be if one of your children or grandchildren had pertinent information about a crime and refused to come forward because they knew they would be publicly bullied by the accuser? What would your life lesson for them be at that moment? What if you witnessed one of them in the role of bully? What would your life lesson be for them at that moment?

The current holder of the White House is an example of a man who has bullied, lied and cheated his way through life. The examples are endless. I, for one, am exhausted from the daily drama coming from this administration. This is not a man that should be exemplified, quite the opposite. Over 15,000 lies or false or misleading claims in three years. 15,000! Oh, and by the way, can I vote for one of those diplomats to be our leader? They set the example I want for our country!

Nancy Bryan


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