To the editor:

According to the Biden regime and their race-baiting Neo-Marxist allies, racism is the greatest national sin.

What is America’s greatest sin? Rejection of God. This sin leads to all others.

True racism is a grievous sin. Abortion is a vile, widespread sin, though.

The Christian worldview teaches God created Adam and Eve to reflect his image in the material world, to exercise dominion over it, to reproduce and fill it with other image-bearers, and to live God-centered lives. Marriage and family life are means of grace to provide a safe environment for image-bearers to flourish and to glorify God.

Abortion is a grievous sin, flowing from a darkened, hardened, self-absorbed, merciless heart, in rebellion against God and his created order.

Who participates in the murder of these image-bearers of God?

Parents can legally murder their vulnerable, unborn offspring in our nation. Those who should be their most trusted protectors murder 900,000 unborn children annually. Sixty-two million unborn lives have been extinguished through abortion since Roe v. Wade (1973).

Medical professionals perform the dirty work of abortion, sometimes in a deceptive fashion. In some states, legislation requires showing the parent images of the unborn. Often, technicians intentionally select angles giving the impression of a mere mass of flesh rather than clearer angles displaying the humanity of the victim.

Pro-abortion activists display their evil, hypocritical face through abortion. They are well-represented by God-haters like Neo-Marxists, eugenicists, atheists and radical feminists. The left call their opponents Nazis, ironically, while enabling a massive holocaust.

They know abortion negatively impacts groups they profess to care about. Abortion impacts black families disproportionately, with rates three to four times higher than the general population. Abortion is used to terminate pregnancies of those with disabilities or other characteristics (e.g., Down’s syndrome, spinal bifida, wrong sex). Funny how these injustices are missing from oppressor/oppressed narratives.

Legislatures and courts are adamant about abortion rights of parents. They dehumanize the unborn by assigning personhood and pain sensitivity at arbitrary stages of development like the third trimester. Neither legislatures nor courts have any objective basis for metaphysical claims. They aren’t even consistent. For example, an overwhelming majority (93%) of Democrat Senators (including Kamala Harris and the infamous “Squad”) opposed S.311 legislation in 2019 requiring doctors to render medical aid to abortion survivors outside the womb.

And why are Republican-dominated legislatures failing to advance abolition legislation? Indiana law permits abortions as late as 22 weeks! Are legislators manipulating Christians for votes, with no regard for abolishing abortion?

Democrat voters enable Democrat politicians, who are champions of abortion. Shamefully, professing Christians vote for pro-abortion candidates like Biden. Contrast this with early Christians, who rescued abandoned newborns left to die on Roman streets.

The Biden regime wants to repeal the Hyde Amendment, effectively forcing biblical Christians, against their convictions, to participate in funding abortion. Christians should never enable ghouls like them.

I do not have optimism this evil generation will abolish abortion, short of a massive revival, changing hearts of stone into hearts of flesh. Ultimately, though, the blood of the slain will be avenged by God in the coming judgment. The truly repentant need to escape the evils of this age and flee to Christ.

Christians, be vocal and contact your federal and state representatives. Protest our involvement in abortion, nationally and internationally.

For more information, I suggest the article Ten Quick Replies to Common (and Dumb) Pro-Abortion Arguments and Assertions by Seth Dillon (google for it). Additionally, I recommend “Whatever Happened to the Human Race — Full Movie” with Francis Schaeffer/C. Everett Koop, and the testimony of former abortionist, Dr. Anthony Levatino, both available on Youtube.

If you want clarification on anything, contact me at

Robert Sparkman

Rome City

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