To the editor:

I’m writing in support of Mike Watson. He is the right person for DeKalb County commissioner.

Our county commissioners are responsible for our roads and bridges and other county specific issues such as our jail, etc.

However, their responsibilities also include effectively working with the city administrations within this county for the betterment of the entire county which they preside over. We don’t need a county vs. city environment but a county/city team environment, looking for opportunities to improve the “quality of life” for all its citizens.

Counties that cooperate and team up with the cities within the county, can more effectively leverage resources in capital improvements such as highways, parks, bike trails, redevelopment opportunities, etc. and be more successful at grant and sponsorship applications.

Allen County and the city of Fort Wayne is a good example of this kind of county/city cooperation.

Mike Watson’s 18 years of serving his community are quite impressive.

For example he is currently:

• An Auburn City Council representative

• President Auburn Economic Development Commission

• President of the DeKalb Central Foundation

These city and county related public service credentials coupled with decades as a successful businessman, make him a very qualified candidate for this position.

I’ve actually had many opportunities to discuss with Mike the many issues and opportunities that reside in DeKalb County and the cities in this county and I find that Mike is very good at “critical thinking” or looking effectively at the entire issue for a “win, win” solution and not just stating the “standard quo” answer.

We don’t need another commissioner wishing to maintain the status quo, but a thorough, clear thinker that will look for the best answer for the county and its city residents.

I have come to believe that Mike Watson is that “win, win” critical thinking kind of candidate.

Please join my wife and I in casting your vote for Mike Watson for county commissioner.

Mike and Diane Makarewich


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