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To the editor:

Response to Robert Neilson (Attempt to overthrow)

I'd be curious as to how you receive your news. I have found news networks do not inform the public on truth, even our own local stations are being told what to say by their networks.

Now if you have researched fully everything that has transpired and still feel the way you do, then that is your right. When people are being told that there is no evidence, no proof, no merit on a continuous basis 24/7 they'll start to believe it, I suppose.

You've heard the term "You'll have your day in court"? Well none of this has been heard, no courts will allow it, not even the Supreme Court. No evidence was even brought into any court, they just dismissed out of hand for one reason or another. Is that really how you would like to be judged if you were being held? What happened in other states being unconstitutional, state legislatures being usurped by all that had no authority of making election laws within those states, changing it without going through due process is a case the Supreme Court is in place to take up. When those states are doing things that are deemed unconstitutional, it does have an impact on all other states. Their illegality nullifies my vote of whom I voted for.

Now that it is all said and done, Congress also refusing to rectify a possible wrong, looking to implement new rules for future elections does not help in the election just held. I question as to why the states in question will not allow the election process held to be looked into, if they believe they did in fact run a fair election, what is there to hide from the populace? Please look into all avenues of facts, not just listen to most of the news networks that have showed severe bias for this administration. Thank you for your time.

David LaMotte


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