To the editor:

According to The Declaration of Independence, “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” This is bedrock philosophy for the U.S. Constitution. The government is supposed to serve the people not vice versa.

Consent to be governed is earned during elections. Every legal voter has one voice. No vote is weighted differently than another. The elections should be organized, transparent and completely free of fraud. Where there is fraud, it must be prosecuted. Our political elites and their donors/ cheerleaders in the MSM are willfully ignorant with respect to anything less than "significant" fraud. Do they work for us, or do we work for them? I would argue that any fraud is "significant" as it dilutes the lawful voices and contributes to decay in the consent to be governed. No process is perfect, of course, but intentional fraud of any kind should not be tolerated. It should be minimized to a very tiny amount — a fraction of a tenth of a percent. The state representatives on both sides of the aisle should work feverishly to keep our voting roles accurate and to ensure that all parties are free to participate and police each other at polling places. I would prefer papers ballots with electronic readers, but that’s just me. Machines that are overly complicated and subject to hacks? No thank you. Would paper ballots be more cumbersome? Costly? More waste? Perhaps but the ballots can be retained until results are certified. In a country so divided politically, elections are not the place emphasize costs. In addition, paper ballots could be presented as evidence when there is wrongdoing.

It would appear there are significant irregularities in many swing states in the most recent election. According to legal affidavits (where a witness/ signee can — and should be — prosecuted if not telling the truth), there were serious problems. Republican observers were allegedly kicked out or isolated in Detroit. There were what appeared to be coordinated pauses in counting across large, metro districts. Ballot "dumps" that featured 10’s of thousands of votes for one candidate yet zero for another? Unusual numbers of ballots that featured votes for POTUS with no votes down ballot — including in competitive statewide races in the senate? Regardless of a pandemic, mail in voting should only be allowed if the voter roles are clean and current. There should be a chain of custody for ballots. Signatures should be matched to ensure the ballot arrived from the legal voter it was intended for. A full audit of all results should be conducted especially if election rules were changed at the last minute. If changes were made by parties that lack constitutional authority, those changes should be discarded and ballots received as a result validated.

Our communities have physically suffered enough from Communist Chinese COVID. In addition to physical suffering, our civil rights have been infringed. On top of all that, it appears that Communist Chinese COVID was the crutch used in several swing states to transform the election into a disorganized, compromised, and allegedly fraudulent mess! Regardless of who is ultimately declared the winner, the election results should be accurate and free of any influence from fraud, for lacking consent from us, the elites will be ruling — not governing. This will potentially not end well, and that is most certainly an intended feature of Communist Chinese COVID not a bug.

Douglas Coolman


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