To the editor:

In response to Mr. Ken Holden's opinion piece in the Jan. 2 edition of The News Sun, all I can do once again is laugh. Mr. Holden claims he is not a leftist, liberal, nor a Democrat, yet like all of them, he has tried and convicted President Trump of violating his oath of office without one shred of evidence to back his claim. That sounds like a leftist, liberal or Democrat to me.

As far as a fair trial in the Senate, I am quite certain that Mr. Holden's idea of "fair" means it is only fair if the president is found guilty, as Mr. Holden's statement "Mr. Trump has violated his oath of office and must be held accountable in a fair trial in the Senate" suggests.

Another sign of a leftist, liberal or Democrat. The House hearings came up empty for proof, again since neither article they voted on is an impeachable offense, yet the House Democrats voted to impeach anyway which I am quite certain pleased Mr. Holden.

I thank Mr. Holden for his military service, yet that service does in no way make him an expert on the Constitution, nor does it make him a lawyer. By the way, I am not a Constitutional expert nor a lawyer, I simply listened to the hearings and testimonies and came to the same decision as many others did.

His comment on dividing the nation I will only address with this: The only ones dividing this nation are the leftists, liberals and Democrats that have done absolutely nothing but hate President Trump and go after him for three years just because Mr. Trump beat a far worse candidate that the Democratic party rigged their nomination for because they thought she would be a shoe-in for the presidency. Mr. Holden can claim he is not a leftist, liberal or Democrat, yet his words clearly say otherwise.

By the way Mr. Holden, you may want to send Nancy Pelosi a letter telling her to give the articles to the Senate or there will not even be a trial.

Brian E. Jones


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