To the editor:

If you’ve been alive for very long, you know people are generally more generous with their complaints than with their thank-yous. I guess it’s just human nature.

I think the meter leans a lot further in one direction than the other when to comes to those in the political arena. It’s just the nature of the beast. That’s why I’d like to take a quick moment out of my day and thank those that are in leadership positions of this fine town, with particular thanks to Mayor Ley.

It isn’t my intent to disparage any of our previous mayors, but I would be remiss were I not to note that Mayor Ley is perhaps one of the most dedicated mayors Auburn has ever been privileged to have. I suppose that’s primarily because Mike isn’t a politician. He’s one of us. He’s a businessman, he’s a citizen and he’s a man of faith. That’s kind of an unbeatable combination.

Mike understands what it takes to get things done for our city. You need look no further than the new construction around town or the work being done on our streets and sidewalks. Those were part of Mike’s campaign promises, by the way. For many, promises seem to become a distant memory after the election. Not so for Mike Ley.

I myself have known Mike for a good number of years. The first word that comes to mind when I think of our mayor is integrity. I suppose the second would be dedication. My first meeting with Mike was at the office of Signature Construction. Even then he was immersed in civil service. We were meeting to talk about producing a video to commemorate the 85th anniversary of the DeKalb County Fair. The thing that struck me most in that first encounter was Mike’s commitment to community.

On the few occasions I’ve met with him since becoming mayor, I’ll have to say he was typically running behind. Not because he’s disorganized, but because I was usually his seventh or eighth appointment in his already busy day. Mike starts his day when most of us are just waking up and thinking about our first cup of coffee. Once his office is officially closed, it’s often on to more meetings lasting well into the evening.

You might ask yourself: Why would anyone want to live such a life? For some, I’m sure it’s the prestige of having a title. But for Mike I can say unequivocally, it’s his love for his city and his commitment to serve. It’s a huge sacrifice. But one both Mike and his family have willingly made because they believe our city is worth it. They believe you’re worth it.

So if you’re out and about and happen to run into our mayor, why not take a moment and say thank you for a job well done.

Matt Murray


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