To the editor:

I would like to thank those who contributed to making the recent cookout for the Community Learning Center in Kendallville a success. Without them, the event would not have been possible.

First and foremost, I’m indebted to the volunteers who helped set up the cookout, served food, manned the informational tables, supervised activities, and helped take things down: Jill Jollief, Ellyne Sollenberger, Tina Beckman, Kathy Smith, Katie and Nick David, Debbie Norris, Delia Norris, Ashley Masters, Zachary Hays, Alissa Mickem, Jim Dazey, Judy Butler, Diana Probst, Josh Ogle, and Debi and Thomas Pfaffenberger. You all are incredible. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

Thanks go to Casey Weimer of the Cole Center Family YMCA for providing fun family activities for the cookout, as well as to Don Howard of B&D BBQ, who was up early the morning of June 8 grilling hot dogs and pork burgers. In addition, many thanks (and a big apology for my sorry singing voice) go to Regan and Terri Ford for their great musical entertainment that kept the cookout lively and fun.

My heartfelt appreciation goes to Tim Holcomb at the Community Learning Center and Curb Appeal for making the center look nice for everyone, as well as to Steve Garbacz and Grace Housholder at The News Sun and Mike Shultz and the man, the myth, the legend Fred Inniger at WAWK for helping publicize the event.

Huge thanks — and I mean huge — go to Jenna Anderson at the Kendallville Public Library, who has been invaluable for not only bringing KPL games to the cookout and organizing volunteers for the event, but for her ongoing contributions on behalf of the Community Learning Center.

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank the Community Learning Center Board of Directors and other supporters of the center who have volunteered their time and talents to its mission of helping people of all ages improve their independence and self-sufficiency through collaborative, multigenerational programs.

And lastly, I must thank all the community members who attended the event, donated their hard-earned money to the center by buying a pork burger or two, and shared their ideas for naming it. I know it was a busy Saturday and there were many other things competing for your attention. Your presence on what turned out to be a rare warm, rain-free day was a demonstration of the passion and support the Community Learning Center has generated in Kendallville and beyond.

Barry Rochford

The Dekko Foundation


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