To the editor:

Just finished reading “Speak up now if you want to see change.” I am speaking up, but probably won’t see this in print by your paper. I totally disagree that President Trump caused the chaos that erupted on Jan. 6. I totally agree that should not have happened, but people were getting totally tired of not being heard. You mentioned in your piece that “objections were built on unfounded, unsubstantiated and repeatedly unproven allegations of voter fraud.” I have to disagree with you, no one would take the time to even listen to the allegations of fraud. I, personally, would like answers to questions, like why were signatures not verified, individuals state’s constitution laws were not followed, Republicans were told to leave the room and verify ballots, where did those votes come from under the table, plus many more questions that were asked.

If the Democrats had nothing to hide, they should encourage these questions to be answered. I feel the press suppressed news that showed a different light on Biden. That is so wrong. We are a free society, but how much longer will that be, we don’t know. I feel Biden is totally compromised by Communist China, his son did a lot of comprising acts, and the papers did not print the story until after the election.

President Trump was for the people. He wasn’t a politician, like most of the people in D.C. He did a lot of good, you can’t deny that. The “so called Moderate Republican Party" will never come back as it was once. Too many things have changed. We need to revamp D.C. and I am totally for that. We people need to speak up more and let our voices be heard. There was a lot of corruption in this last election, main stream media, Big Tech and big business was involved. Let us go on from here and continue to speak for the people.

L. Jean Watson


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