To the editor:

I met Mike Ley a few years ago while working on a project. Having spent time with him and his wife, Sara, I’ve gained a great appreciation for the integrity of this man. Just as important — Mike Ley is a doer. Our first meeting, we were approaching the week of the DeKalb County Fair. He shared casually that he was director of concessions for the fair. Certainly, one can’t help but notice how the fair has grown each year. That’s largely thanks to the efforts of Mike Ley.

But the fair isn’t why I’m writing this letter. I’m writing because I believe Mike Ley is the best choice, no — the only choice for Auburn’s next mayor. Mike is the real deal. He doesn’t brag about his accomplishments though they are many. He’s one of those guys that just gets the job done. I guess he’s too busy “doing” to notice the applause. One day while waiting to meet him in his office, I noticed a group of handwritten letters with pictures on construction paper. I had a few minutes, so I began flipping through them. They were written by children thanking Mike for coming to speak to them about business. He must have made a huge impression, because these kids took great pains to express their affection. Mike was also a key player in helping charter United Way’s “Day of Caring.” Every year since, he and his team have helped someone fix up or repair their home. He also volunteers for Junior Achievement. He’s active in his church. He volunteers for Rise Incorporated. Come to think of it, most every meeting we’ve ever had, he’s typically on his way out the door to help yet another outreach as I’m shaking his hand to leave.

Mike knows as mayor the people of Auburn will be his first loyalty. Something he learned from Mayor Rohm — his mentor years ago. Mike was head of Building, Planning and Development for Auburn. He’s familiar with all the duties of this office and in many cases has already performed them. So, Mike will hit the ground running from day one.

It wasn’t really until I had the opportunity to sit and chat with Mike about his vision for this city that I completely understood how perfectly suited this man is to be our next mayor. Listening to Mike share his heart, I realized he has his finger on the pulse of our city. He’s understands its specific needs. More than understanding — he has the vision to take us forward. And though he deeply values the legacy of our past Mike is ready to lead us into the future. Mike is a problem solver. Did you know that the water mains in our city are at least 100-years-old? I didn’t. No one else wants to talk about what would happen if one of those were to burst. Mike wants to address that issue. Everyone I know hates waiting 20 minutes (or longer) for a train to pass when they’re already late for an appointment. Mike’s vision is to build an underpass to solve those annoying railroad delays. In fact, he’s already consulted with a firm to explore the feasibility for such a project. That shows leadership as well as initiative!

Mike has a heart for his city. He believes that every voice matters. But more than that, he has integrity, honesty, and experience! Add to that his indomitable spirit and you can come to only one conclusion. Mike Ley is the best choice for Auburn’s next mayor!

Matt Murray


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