To the editor:

The pendulum swings, circumstances change, some things remain the same. Predicting and navigating life’s next chapters is always a challenge. It requires a steady hand whether leading a family, business, school district or city.

We cannot accurately predict what lies ahead for the Auburn community over the next five to 10 years. Auburn is fortunate to have many engaged stakeholders working together to enhance and strengthen our city; these include local government, businesses, educators, non-profits, foundations, caring citizens, churches and health care institutions.

We know, however, there will be occasional setbacks: recessions, job loss, global, environmental and natural events, as well as other unexpected challenges.

Our next mayor will replace an experienced four-term mayor and will quickly discover the many difficult tasks of running city government. Understanding various departments and infrastructure, legal and building policies, personnel, working with city and county councils and commissions make this job complex and will require much problem solving. In addition, time must be spent looking at the future and how best to position Auburn favorably for continued growth and prosperity.

I believe Mike Ley is the best qualified candidate to lead Auburn forward. His numerous career experiences as head of city planning, building and development under Mayor Rohm, construction company owner, champion of non-profit causes, DeKalb fair board director and community volunteer attest to his qualifications and longstanding passion for service.

Mike is a man of outstanding character and integrity. He’s confident in his ability to hit the ground running next January, yet a humble servant wanting to make Auburn a better community for all its citizens. Mike demonstrates a strong work ethic and is an engaged listener. He is a clear and concise communicator willing to compromise while attempting to gain consensus.

Having known Mike for over 20 years, I believe his greatest attribute is that of problem solver, and there will be many problems to tackle running a city the size of Auburn. Whether working with city council when budget discussions become difficult or finding the best ways to keep our community and citizens safe, Mike will relentlessly but respectfully work to find solutions.

Finally, Mike will be an engaged, hands-on mayor. We often see him out in the community volunteering, visiting with folks in their neighborhoods, at the parks, the fair, downtown events, and local businesses. He wants to know what you feel will make Auburn a better place to live, work and play — and he listens!

When challenging rainy days come, as they inevitably will, Mike will be there to help restore the sunshine. Come rain or shine, Mike Ley will be our mayor for all seasons.

Dr. Dan Schmidt


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