To the editor:

Jeff Wible for Indiana Senate District 13? You've got to be kidding me. I wouldn't vote Jeff Wible for dog catcher, if that were an elected office. When researching Wible's qualifications simply do a google search on the name "Alissa Guernsey."

Take a good look at the autopsy photographs of baby Alissa. The photographs do not depict neglect of a dependent. They depict a homicide. A murder. Her injuries (seen and unseen) are not the result of being clumsy, or being knocked down by the family dog. Her injuries were inflicted. They are the result of a beating. Wible chose not to charge Christy Shaffer with killing the child. He convened a grand jury, and one has to wonder exactly what they were told. The lesser charge (neglect with bodily injury) certainly did not fit the crime.

I was an Indiana State Trooper for 25 years, and the Howard County Sheriff for eight years. I have never seen a greater miscarriage of justice than the Alissa Guernsey case.

The great thing about living free in America is that we can campaign for a candidate, or against them. The more than 100,000 members of Alissa's Army will do their part to prevent Wible's election to another public office that requires public trust and integrity.

The Army will be back in Lagrange County. We have a constitutional right to congregate, protest, and express our continued displeasure with candidate Jeff Wible. We have a right to attend candidate debates and public forums. Don't be surprised to find us walking your neighborhoods, outside your courthouse, or at your polling place on election day.

While doing your research be sure to review the Channel 13 Investigates and the Inside Edition segments on the Alissa Guernsey case. Wible refuses to be accessible to the media, acting like a scared rabbit as reporters try to question him. His behavior is unacceptable for an elected public official in a country that guarantees freedom of the press.

Wible was voted out of office last time he ran for prosecutor. You've done your civic duty. Leave it that way.

Marshall D. Talbert


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