To the editor:

To the Auburn Board of Zoning Appeals,

As a resident of Auburn and a former employee of Auctions America, I am disappointed in the board’s blunt decision of the sale of the auction park.

Like many, I am concerned about the presentation of our southern gateway. Gateways are very important to present the community to visitors. But I also know the extreme importance of the park and the classic car auctions to the city and county (I have not missed an auction since the park was built). It would be an economic disaster to the community if the auctions stopped happening. I know this could be done while allowing a clean gateway into town. (Perhaps if the gateway were important, the South Wayne corridor between Auburn Drive and the CSX crossing would be of greater importance to invest in.)

We are thankful RM saved the events 10 years ago, and I’m fortunate to have been a part of the regrowth during the Auctions America years. Next year marks the 50th annual Auburn Fall Auction, I believe. I hope this decision doesn't push RM to walk away. Please allow us residents a chance to voice our concerns to the city in a bid to keep the property viable and increase investment in our community in the short and long term.

I recently moved back to Auburn, bringing my family so we could be close to parents and provide quality schools for our son. Auburn has so many things going for it, but this is a very poor decision. Please reconsider your decision and work with the parties involved to come up with a compromise.

Tyler Allen


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