To the editor:

There has been much discussion (verbal and written) concerning the adverse affects of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) and the means of reducing it.

Missing in the discussion is the relationship of CO2 that is so essential in the production of plant life. This process — photosynthesis — synthesizes carbon dioxide and water, in the presence of sunlight, creating the food energy for the plant. All the food energy intake of plants is the product of this reaction. All food consumed by animals is directly or indirectly from this plant energy. Without CO2 there is no photosynthesis, no vegetation, no food energy, no life.

A secondary product of photosynthesis is oxygen. There is no other means of generating oxygen from the earth's composition sufficient to sustain life. There is a law called "The law of unintended consequences." It might apply here.

Reducing the CO2 availability to plants would prevent the synthesizing process in plants just as reducing the water molecule would have its affect.

Photosynthesis only exists if the two components (carbon dioxide and water) are present with the sunlight.

John Gorrell

Pleasant Lake

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