To the editor:

As an attendee at the Warren/MSNBC town hall in Fort Wayne on June 5, I’d like to add my observations of the event.

Although the headline highlighted “Midwest skepticism,” it should be noted that two of the four persons quoted in the story were Trump voters who were discussing their skepticism over promises made by candidate Trump which have not been delivered by President Trump. A third Trump voter on the invited panel was not quoted.

The enthusiastic and supportive turnout of Indiana voters at the Warren town hall indeed showed skepticism — of the current president.

The support for Senator Warren (and former candidate Courtney Tritch) in Fort Wayne and in NE Indiana simply highlights the democratic rights of U.S. citizens — the right to be questioning, critical thinkers who seek the facts, make independent decisions, register to vote and show up at the polls on election day.

Susan Anderson


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