To the editor:

I played organized baseball in little league, pony league and high school. In every game there was someone who called the balls and strikes, kept track of the outs, score and total innings played. There was a set of rules that were interpreted by these same people and were considered the final say.

Yes, there were arguments, acts of poor sportsmanship and feelings hurt, yet after the game was decided we formed lines and high-fived each other.

As children we were taught by the adults what sportsmanship meant to the game and us as individuals and that sportsmanship was bigger than any one play or bad call. Players, fans and the coaches may have not have always liked the outcome but refrained from destroying the field or assaulting the umpire.

We never changed the rules during the game or were involved in forming the rules. We as players were informed and played accordingly. After the game was over no one came back and said you didn't win the game because we now object to the rules you used. Which regardless would be the same rules for both teams.

This past election, voters in all states were given rules in which to cast their ballots and the voters cast them in accordance with the standards set at the time by those in charge of conducting an election in each state. The rules gave the same rights to every voter whether you voted for Biden or T**** (Trump).

So the only complaint is while they had a constitutional right to vote, their vote should not count because it was mailed in. Claims of voter fraud or machines changing votes is pure hogwash and has been ajudicated as such. If there is factual evidence why has T****s lawyers been all tell and no show. They all had paper backups to verify the results, and in some cases were counted three times.

If you believe this was a rigged election, who then should validate the election results. If it's not those who were in charge of the election, then who is? T**** voters have no evidence of fraud themselves, they trust T**** and so did all three of his wives who thought they could trust him as well.

In Texas a high school football player attacked and injured a ref because he was mad about a call he made. This player was arrested, banned from sports and his team was sanctioned from the state tournament. This sent a strong message, this type of activity is not going to go unpunished.

I think the standards taught to our children should be practiced by the adults without prejudice or evil intent. T**** now has five more deaths to add to his already 370,000 dead Americans total under his leadership or lack thereof. Adults need to hold all of the lawmakers whose rhetoric led to the attempted U.S. government takeover accountable. This would include congressman Jim B**** (Banks) and senator Mike B**** (Braun).

United States Marine Captain/Senator Todd Young who I disagree with on policy I agree with on what defending democracy looks like. This senator has saved the state of Indiana from total shame.

Michael P. Gillespie


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