To the editor:

I am sure that many folks can relate to the uncertainties that go with either losing a job or being put into a situation with an employer to where one's finances are put into jeopardy because said employer goes with a contracting service that not only may or may not hire you for the job that you do but may hire you and be worse of an agency than the one you worked for originally!

Such has been my case. 

Well, given the flow of many things in this life I was put under the employee of a contractor who subbed me and my helpers' labor out to a disreputable contractor. Not once did the owner of the place ever come down to introduce himself, nor send his foreman. My hours were slashed to 35 per week on a system where the pay period may fall on the weekend and the money not available until Monday!

Long story short, I left the job after two pay periods; that still left me in a mess with my creditors and with credit reporters. My name was besmirched amongst my co-workers and peers on false allegations of making threats.

Unemployment dogged me over details of whom I worked for, even after providing them names and numbers to contact the contractor and subcontractor and finally suspended my compensation at the report by an over-zealous DWD investigator that I (me, myself and I) were to blame along with the employer, for hindering the investigation! While I could appeal the entire thing before a Workforce Development litigation judge, I probably won't. There is only so much that a human being can endure.

The system at large is evil and unfeeling as are our state representatives that cannot even get back to a constituent either by phone or email!

Kudos go out to the local Manpower office for getting me a job after a local employer turned out to be much less than what they represented themselves to be!

Finally, I never like airing out my laundry to the public, but whether it be employers that do wrong, local attorneys that will not help or entities such as the EEOC which is only concerned with the "plight" of Hispanics and Latinos and not that of other taxpayers, I hope I have given further insight as to what the often voiceless worker endures each and every day and many times, at employers that get tax abatement money. Money generated by the taxpayer! 

Tim Thomas


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