To the editor:

I am a federal employee with the Social Security Administration (SSA) in Auburn.

I am deeply saddened by SSA management’s decision to slash telework from employees. I have been with the agency for 18 years and I looked forward to day where I would have the opportunity to telework. Now that telework has been eliminated, I am not as inclined to stay with SSA past retirement age. I am not the only employee who feels this way.

Telework has been critical to employees who were able to telework, by decreasing expenses (travel, food, parking), and be more productive in a quiet and non-distracting environment. The goal of SSA has been to decrease their footprint and having smaller offices. No longer being able to telework makes this virtually impossible.

SSA management is hurting every stakeholder with this decision. The agency will be hurt by the loss of employees who, like myself, will not stay longer with SSA. The consumers will be hurt by the loss of knowledge, productivity and efficiency this will cause. I urge SSA management to re-open the contract and reinstate telework for the good of every stakeholder.

Karime Masson


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