To the editor:

Respect is earned! I am a proud veteran in a line of veterans that were family members whom have since passed away. Growing up, my humble, but hard-working parents instilled in me the values of hard work and faith and most of all, respect for my elders and others around me!

Have I always lived a complete life of showing and giving respect? Honestly, not in every aspect! They also showed me that truth and honesty are also important!

About two weeks ago, having been a victim of dishonesty, I was feeling really, really bummed to the point of giving up on life altogether! Not needing more conflict, I returned my cell phone for a replacement. I could not borrow anyone else's cell phone in which to file an insurance claim and the folks I knew with landlines were people in business and could not afford the long wait of me having their phone tied up.

Right off the bat the sales reps failed to listen to what I was telling them and then demanded respect after my simmering attitude, from all of the pressure that I was under, came boiling to the surface! Let's suffice it to say that the snowflakes did not get their self righteous selves respected by me! Out the door I went to another store. That saved me from further financial strain and made me a loyal customer, even more than I was before!

Now all of those women earned my respect! Like I said before, respect is earned!

Tim Thomas


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