To the editor,

Hello! My name is Jeff Johnson and I am currently running for the DeKalb County United School Board, the Fairfield/Smithfield seat. I am eager to take this opportunity to formally introduce myself to the entire DeKalb County community and share my “why’s” for the honor of being considered and hopefully elected into this position.

Originally from Waynedale, my family and I moved to Columbia City when I was in 5th grade. I attended Thorncreek Middle School and Columbia City Joint High School. While I was in high school, I was active in numerous school-sanctioned sports and participated in multiple music programs. After graduation, I attended Ball State University to focus on music education. Upon leaving college, I chose to work in the construction business and real estate. For the past 35 years, I have worked from the “ground” up to my current role as a Field Superintendent of a notable construction company. I have had the opportunity to run numerous capital projects for school districts, and other public and private entities. In 2009, I moved to DeKalb County and reside in Waterloo with my loving and supportive wife, Kelli (Foster), who has been a long time Auburn resident and DeKalb alumni. I am a stepfather to an amazing 17-year-old daughter who is a senior at DeKalb. Kelli and I also share a fun and spunky 4 1/2-year-old daughter who attends Pre-K and is a future Baron!

I wanted to share my background with you to be transparent in the fact that I have various experience and interests that I feel can be a great asset to create balance and accountability on the school board. I am driven, hardworking, committed and dedicated in all things I do. I am not someone who is “stagnant,” so to speak. I ask questions. I research. I listen. Although I’ve not lived in DeKalb County as long as most, sometimes it takes seeing things with a different lens or from the outside looking in to gain more perspective for advancement. We have a great community! I want to be a part of growing successful and thriving children and young adults who can, in turn, continue to grow and thrive in our community.

My goals if elected to school board are:

1. Establish community partnership with schools through transparency.

2. Ensure that the district balances in-school programs and extra-curriculars with likeness/fairness.

3. Lend expertise in proper bidding/funding of school improvements that creates a buy-in mindset for all taxpayers.

4. Create accountability that district decisions made by the school board are led solely based on the initiative for the betterment of all students, school district, and community!

Openness, clear communication, and Teamwork is essential to success. I believe this wholeheartedly! I want to ensure that the community knows I am open to listening to feedback about our district-whether it’s the already great things in place or opportunities that we can work on together. Please feel free to connect with me via Facebook at “Jeff Johnson for DeKalb Central School Board.”

Thank you for your consideration! I am looking forward to the opportunity to potentially serve our schools and community!

Jeff Johnson


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