As mayor, Payne will produce leaders

To the editor:

I will be voting for Sarah Payne on November 7th, because she has earned my vote. I got to know Sarah personally after working with her on the Bloom event. Bloom was an event hosted by the DeKalb Health Foundation. Not only was it a fundraiser for the Foundation, it was also a way to bring health awareness to our local community and surrounding areas. It was an event that was envisioned, organized, and executed by Sarah Payne.

I got involved because healthy living is important in our family, but more importantly because I knew Sarah was leading the charge. She had a vision for what this event would look like and passionate about the opportunities it could bring to DeKalb County. She assembled the right team of volunteers to organize the event and it was a successful event and a major accomplishment for all involved.

Sarah knew from the start she wanted Dan Harris, author and TV journalist of “Nightline” and the weekend anchor of “Good Morning America,” to present as the keynote speaker. This would probably be intimidating to most and not even an option for many organizations, but not to Sarah. She did her research, sent emails, made calls, and was able to connect with his publicist. Her negotiation skills went right to work to find the right date, travel arrangements, and contract to bring Dan Harris to Auburn for one snowy, February day to share his story of overcoming overwhelming anxiety.

It was an honor to be a part of this group that organized over 50 volunteers, 40 vendors, and eight professional breakout sessions, and nearly 500 attendees in the heart of our county. We had people travel from all over Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio to attend this event and see what all Auburn has to offer in the area of health and wellness. It was a spotlight on the progress our community has made and the commitment to healthy living for everyone.

Sarah led the charge and was gracious to share her event planning expertise and encourage the group when problems arose. During this process I saw Sarah face challenges with a smile and look beyond the issue to find viable options to solve any problem that came her way. She was able to lean on others to help accomplish goals and has a heart of a teacher. She helps produce other leaders and gives praise to those on her team without seeking the attention for herself.

If you are looking for a mayor that will produce future leadership, encourage growth and development, and focus on the people then Sarah Payne is the one you are looking for. She has the knowledge and experience needed to run our city and the heart to accomplish the job with grace and compassion for others. Sarah Payne is my mayor and Sarah Payne has my vote.

Nora Schwartz


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