US military again proved to be the best in the world

To the editor:

Using the recent suspect definition of white privilege submitted, I was shocked that Walter Payton, Barry Sanders, LeBron James and Reggie Miller could be privileged white people and Trump is not.

Jim Banks refuses to inform his constituents: Trump via Mike Pompeo signed a surrender agreement with the Taliban in 2020 with no protection for Americans or their allies and demanded the Afghan government release 5,000 Taliban prisoners. Trump via Steven Miller gutted the department responsible for assisting non Americans who served with our military to get a visa. Private contractors who were being paid with U.S. tax dollars left Afghanistan without providing the documents Afghans needed to get a visa. Trump surrendered to the terrorists, not Biden.

Jim Banks is outright lying on his Twitter page when he suggests Biden is turning over U.S. dollars to the Taliban. They have billions in frozen assets by the U.S. and these may be unfrozen for cooperation or assistance. The picture Banks provides on his page is of the same Taliban leaders Mike Pompeo refused to call terrorist and then surrendered to. The same Taliban leaders Trump praised and called good negotiators.

The U.S. military once again proved worthy of being deemed the best, brightest and bravest in the world. When there is an American in peril overseas nothing gives them more hope then seeing the United States Marines.

Jim Banks didn’t care when Trump and “his DOJ” seized the phone records of everyday citizens, Democratic congressional representatives or journalists without telling them. The Jan. 6 commission requested the phone records of individuals who may be traitors and contributed to a terrorist attack against our nation and Jim Banks is claiming his criminal buddies are being picked on. Police seize phone records of suspects everyday to solve a crime and Jim’s co-workers are suspects in multiple crimes. Let’s remember the DOJ was asked by Trump to claim voter fraud in only the states he lost even though Bill Barr issued a statement claiming no voter fraud was committed which would change the outcome of the election.

Trump told “his DOJ” that didn’t matter just say there was and leave the rest to me and the Republicans in Congress. Republicans like Jim Banks. Trump’s statement is on record at the DOJ.

Banks claims (to be) the party of the working class and repeats it over and over so he himself will believe it. I have read the coverage of Banks’ photo ops at local businesses and I hope that the working class folks took notice of not a single reference or discussion with an actual worker. Not a single word about the issues they face or the help they could use. The only time Banks cares about the working class is when he needs to be re-elected; look at his voting record. When he had an opportunity to help them, he failed them every time.

Michael P. Gillespie


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