To the editor:

To my millennial friends,

I’m writing to share a perspective of a young voter in Auburn, Indiana. My husband and I live here. We plan on raising our children here. The future of Auburn matters to us. We’ve come to believe that the only mayoral candidate qualified and equipped to lead our city into its best future is Mike Ley. As millennials ourselves, we know the image many people paint of our age group. While I’m sure there are a handful who fit the stereotype, most of us are like every other generation before us. We work hard and have big dreams for the future.

Previously, we hadn’t been that involved or frankly interested in politics. But then my husband and I had the opportunity to sit down and speak with Mike one-on-one. The first thing that hits you about Mike is his sincerity and strength of purpose. We chatted for about an hour with him. What struck us most is that Mike truly has a heart for Auburn. (But that alone doesn’t make him, or anyone, qualified to be our next mayor.)

Mike has something that no other candidate has — experience. Mike was the head of Building, Planning and Development for 13 years. He has 20 years of government service. He knows how to get things done. I don’t know about you but having a person like that at the helm makes me feel like we’re in good hands. Youth is a wonderful thing, but we learn from those who have already done. I am impressed with the viewpoint Mike has in regards to seeking innovative ways to get things done. He will utilize experience that’s already here, as well as tap into the vision of us who are just beginning to see what civic duty is about.

Mike has his sights on things that will improve the city. Things that most of us simply take for granted (or don’t notice until we’re complaining when they’re not there). Things like placing sidewalks where there currently aren’t any. He will address the issue our century-old water mains in the downtown area. These may seem unimportant matters. But believe me, you’ll care if our current system fails. He’s looking for ways to help the underprivileged — people who fall through the cracks. He wants to address the long waits we have all experienced at our railroad crossings. Whether this is an overpass or underpass is not determined at this point, but he is committed to addressing this issue. Now that should get a cheer from everyone! What we discovered most about Mike in talking with him is that he cares about what we care about — making Auburn a better place to live.

So, I hope this letter will encourage voters of all ages to take a serious look at Mike Ley for mayor. For those of you who haven’t made up your minds, check out Mike Ley for Mayor on Facebook. For those of you who have made up your minds for someone else — still check him out. As voters, it’s our responsibility to do our civic duty and honestly research all candidates. Most of all, I urge my fellow millennials to really explore what each brings to the table, and then ask yourself who you truly feel is best to lead Auburn into the future. Once you’ve done the comparison, I believe you’ll come to the same conclusion my husband and I did — Mike Ley is the best choice for next mayor of Auburn.

Brittany Lapland


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