To the editor:

Good morning. With early voting nearly upon us I have been reflecting on what this campaign is all about and why it matters. The why is you ... citizens, businesses, schools and churches, including those who travel to and through Auburn. There is no doubt in my mind this campaign has been a blessing for me. For without it I would not have met the many hundreds of you, been invited into your homes, sat at your kitchen tables, stood in your backyards or held the hose while you washed your car and we talked. I have heard things and learned things I may never had if it weren’t for my contact with each of you. It’s been a heartwarming time of listening to you talk of your love for this community. I have been personally heartbroken to hear about the struggles and painful situations some households are living in. I’ve stood on your porches, stood in your yards, stood on your driveways and discussed what’s important to you and why it matters.

I am humbled to have the opportunity to be your mayor. It is so clear the people of our community recognize there is something special about our town and your passion to never lose it. I am one of them. I wish to thank all of you for the kindness you have shown me and my family the last several months. I wish to thank Sarah Payne for her friendship and good spirit. I wish to thank my supporters and campaign volunteers.

I encourage everyone to please participate because your vote does matter. I thank all of you for all you have done for our community. May God bless you and your families and our great city.

Mike Ley


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