To the editor:

The letters written by Ken Holden and Brian Jones were interesting and made a good counterpoint to each other. Ken Holden’s grandfather fought at Normandy and his father was in the Air Force. Ken flew the command helicopter in the Grenada extraction; was in Desert Storm and was a helicopter trainer for the military in Germany for many years. His mother is a full-blooded native American. He has creds. Although I agree with almost all that Mr. Jones wrote, I believe that Ken’s opinions should be approached with debate not derision. After all almost half the population, according to polls, agrees with him.

The left has scripted a narrative that they use at every opportunity. I watched Biden use it. Once he started it I could have finished it for him almost word for word. They start out with the statement that he lies 100% of the time; then say he is destroying the constitution; then say he is running the most corrupt government we have ever had. Lately they have been saying he is jockeying to become our king. They occasionally add the word misogynist. And they say over and over that he is un-presidential and should just stop tweeting. Despite the fact that the Mueller report proved that Trump did not collude in any way with any foreign governments to influence the election, it is still being used against Trump by the major media. If Ken gets most or all of his information from CNN, MSNBC, Bing or Apple News it would certainly be easy for him to arrive at his really hateful description of Trump and the GOP. If he makes no attempt to find out what is really going on by searching out less biased sources, he would have to think that our country is being run by a lunatic.

Mr. Jones got it right when he said Trump has been found guilty of no crime of any kind. The special counsel knew nearly at once that there was no Russian collusion, but continued the witch hunt for another two years. The fact is that even under this unbelievable assault on his whole life, they found nothing they could use against him. The impeachment process was a farce. They kept making up and changing the charges as they went along. They had nothing. The only thing I disagree with in Mr. Ryan’s letter is the statement that Trump is uncouth and tweets too much.

The problem the major media has with Trump's way of communication is that he tells the truth. Every time he contradicts one of their cherished talking points they go nuts, but when fact checked they find it is true. His ideas and opinions wouldn’t see the light of day if he had to filter them through the major media. He has appointed over 170 originalist judges and two Supreme Court justices to protect the “rule of law” and the Constitution. If the government is corrupt, it is because it is run by the swamp. The reason the left hates him is because he is doing what he said he would when he ran for office.

The take away from these two letters is that people who have been searching out the facts have a pretty high opinion of Trump's time in office. If all their information comes through the leftist media, they think Trump is evil. I wonder, how do you convince the nearly 50% of the population that agrees with Ken, that Trump is the best president this country has had in my life time.

Stephen White


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