To the editor:

My name is John Lennen. I am Lance Lennen’s dad. Along with his mom Lisa and his brother Lucas, I am writing to say “Thank you” for Mike Marturello's column in the Sunday, Jan. 26, edition of The Herald Republican.

We want everyone in our community to know how much we appreciate the thoughts and prayers for our family since Lance’s passing. Lance was an organ donor so seeing that he inspired you to share your son’s condition in hopes that it would help others is recognized as honoring Lance by paying it forward.

We also want to share that there have been several moments leading up to and since his passing where the presence of our Lord has been recognized. We feel it is relevant to share these so people know that His presence is among us to find peace with His will to bring Lance home. Lance’s best friend shared with us that Lance was happier in the last couple weeks than he could remember seeing him in a very long time.

As I reflected on this comment, I too recognized the improvement. Lance’s attitude had softened and he would offer hugs or say “I love you.” I also know that I texted and spoke with him so much more than normal on the day of his passing. It was disguised around other things that needed to be done but we communicated over a dozen times.

The last item I’ll share involves a song that was played during his services. I was driving to the Fremont Dog Lodge to board our dog (really Lance’s dog). Lance had taken him from a friend who couldn’t keep him due to landlord rules. Lance had driven my truck the day before his passing and the radio station was set to a country station that I never listen to. I had driven the truck a few times since Lance had, but couldn’t bring myself to change the station. As I drove east on S.R. 120 toward Fremont, the song “Drink a Beer” by Luke Bryan came on the radio. The words hit me like instructions from Lance himself. I take comfort in the Lord knowing that I needed to hear that song which I didn’t recognize as having heard before that moment.

Thank you,

John, Lisa and Lucas Lennen

Snow Lake

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