To the editor: I’m happy to report that in just a little more than two months, the Farm Project has been able to reach its Phase 1 goal of purchasing property, has become incorporated and is now designated as a 501(c) nonprofit corporation. In Phase 2 we will start the building process.

Needless to say, there are many who have made it happen, beginning Jan. 27, 2016, with the few who met at our house every month to study the benefits of animal companionship for children who have suffered traumatic events. Those were Amy McKowen, Ken Weaver, Larry Miller, Bob Shanahan, Sue Keenan and Phil Malone, who continue to attend meetings and support the project. Attorney Linda Zabona-Wooster guided us through the legal issues as Randy Fry, CPA, did for all things financial, and they continue to be part of the structure as we build our organization.

Fundraising could not have begun without the First Presbyterian Church of LaGrange taking us under their wing and allowing us to use their nonprofit status, thanks to its pastor, the Rev. Ken Weaver, who, from the beginning, has lent his considerable education, experience and contact information concerning mental health issues.

We’re thankful for the encouragement from county officials who have recognized the need and given us their blessing.

It is always a risk to name people who have opened their checkbooks to provide financial support because of the possibility of leaving someone out, and some have chosen to remain anonymous, but the following is the list we have of very generous people and businesses who have helped make the dream come true: Ken and Vonda Akey, Janelle Ashby, Marilyn Bontrager, Howard and Virginia Compton, Doxa Inc., Lois Dunten, F&N Woodworking, Robert and Sandra Fanning, Farmers State Bank, First Presbyterian Church, Sonja L. Foster, William and Margie Ginther, William and Ruby M. Huggins, JD Seed Farms, LLP, Stanley and Julia Kessler, Lakota Corporation, Kevin and Carrie Lambright, Dan and Robin Levitz, Bob and Harlene Lewis, Joshua and Jennie Logan, Steven and Mary Loy, Luther Church Women-Mount Zion Lutheran Church, Regina Lynn, Phil and Margaret Malone, Warren and Jean McKinley, Steve and Amy McKowen, Richard and Joan Micelli, MaryLee Mitchell, Howard and Mary Petersen, Presbyterian Chapel of the Lakes, TEEM Trading Company, dba Topeka Pharmacy, the Philomaths, George G. Thomas, Tri Kappa Inc., Robert and Sarah Ann Troyer, Ken Weaver, Larry and Debra Williams, Barbara Yurs, Skico Inc, dba Miller’s Super Valu, Vanderbeck Family Trust, Larry and Patti Miller, Stephen and Margaret Damer, River Woodworking, LLC., Wendy Petty, United Fund, Sue Keenan, Ron and Brenda Yoder, Dr. William A. and Betty J. Smith, Lou A Cummings, Janice E. Keenan, Patricia A. Lantz, George and Ronda J. Tetzloff.

The contribution of Bill Connelly and the LaGrange Publishing Company cannot be overlooked (thanks Cori!) as well as the timely news coverage and pictures by Guy Thompson and The News Sun’s Patrick Redmond. Thanks to Ann Bricker for her expertise with graphics as well as Sonja and Marci for their artistic talents and, of course, thanks to God through whom all things are possible!

Donations can be made to The Farm, 200 W. Michigan St., LaGrange, IN 46761.

Margaret C. Malone


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