To the editor: 

I am nor surprised by the reaction of the Democrats and main stream media to our brave troops and President Trump's most current success story of killing Abubakr Al-Baghdadi. The world has been ridded of one of the most evil terrorists in the world who has inflicted so much misery and suffering to so many.

They are doing everything in their power to deny President Trump the credit he deserves for the killing of Al-Baghdadi. Look back when Bin Laden was killed. Obama received the praise and credit that should be given to any president when successful military missions occur on their watch. 

It should be expected to have Pelosi and other Dems criticize President Trump for not informing them of the planned operation ahead of time. Why in the world would he even consider doing so? I think there is a high probability that, even if it put our troops in harm's way, the operation would have been compromised to prevent President Trump a victory.

Just look at what has transpired over the past three years. The left hates President Trump so much they lie and fabricate falsehoods to get him out of office. They are so obsessed with this they have done nothing else for three years. The Democrats will never accept the outcome of the election and the will of the people. They can make all the excuses they want. The reality is the Democrats just had a terrible candidate and all of us deplorables saw through her.

John B. Goudy


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