As members of the Angola Garden Club, we would like to acknowledge and express our thanks to everyone in the community who contributes to the planting and maintenance of the flowers and shrubs on the Monument Circle each spring/summer/fall season. It surely takes the time, effort and involvement of many. “The Mound” as it is commonly called, is the focal point in the center of Angola. Our mission statement is to beautify the City of Angola. Hopefully, with the help of all the following we are able to achieve that mission.

1. To the Mayor and City of Angola, thanks for your support of the project; for refurbishing the grounds in 2015, for the new sprinkler system, electrical system, sound system and revised planting pattern. Thanks for supplying water during each season, mulch, other items and all your kind words.

2. To the Parks and Recreation Department, thanks for all your assistance in preparing the ground each season, treating the lawn, mowing the lawn, trimming the boxwood shrubs, and any other chores we ask you and the crew to do.

3. To the following businesses who donate substantially to the project: Meijer, with a gift card donation each season for plants and gardening supplies at their store. Lawnscape Garden Center for donating all the bright, colorful Sunpatients we plant on the four corners of the mound. Although it is not a Garden Club project, thank you Lawnscape for all the fall mums and pumpkins you place on the mound when the summer flowers are pulled.

4. Some flowers are purchased from our club treasury, such as the red Dragon’s Breath Celosia plants which came from Rural King, and the white Alyssum which was purchased at C&K Nursery (formerly Sell’s Nursery). C&K donated an extra flat of plants this spring. Thanks to the drivers going around the mound who shout out words of praise, such as “Good Job,” “ Looks Great,” “Thanks for all your work and effort,” etc. A compliment goes a long way and encourages us to continue.

So again, we thank EVERYONE for their involvement in our community project. It is our way of giving back to the community that we are proud of and where we live.

The Angola Garden Club celebrates 91 years of continued existence in the community this year and it is our pride and privilege to be a part of it. If you would be interested in joining the Garden Club, contact a garden club member or call 495-4402 or 665-5222 and leave a message.

Bettye Crawford, President

Dee Hammond, Monument Committee

and all the Garden Club Members

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