To the editor:

Picture this: two white-haired 90-year-old ladies have decided to treat themselves. They each have a $20 bill and a couple of $1 bills. So off they go. One of them has given up her car and the other is thinking about it. It's four o'clock on a Saturday afternoon.

Arriving at an Angola restaurant, they park and go in. They each order the small prime rib and nothing else. Just water to drink and no dessert. The check says $10.99 on the top and $10.99 on the bottom.

After the meal they use the Styrofoam box to take their next couple of meals home, lay the dollar bills on the table for a tip and head to the cash register. The first old lady pays and receiving her change she promptly drops a coin on the floor. The second lady hands over her $20 bill and receiving her change drops it in her purse and joins the search for the missing coin on the floor. 

They get home and park. It's still daylight and they haven't hit anybody and nobody has hit them. It's been a success. Then the one lady looks in her purse and pulls out three dollar bills and looks for more. There are three quarters, two dimes and a couple of pennies in the bottom of the purse.

Where did that $20 go? I don't believe a local restaurant would stiff two old ladies who live on a fixed income. Do you?

So she checks with her friend and she also has $3.62 for her change.

Sybil Herring and Irene Elliott


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