To the editor:

I have known Jim Crowl for more than 65 years, dating back to when we grew up together as neighbors on little farms in the southern part of the county.

I learned early on that Jim was a guy that was “as honest and truthful as the day is long,” a friend you could always rely on in time of need, someone who was always available to help and then figure a way to solve the problem. He always seemed to know how to get the job done when others didn’t. Little did I know that, many years later, we would become brothers-in-law. I’m proud to call him “family.”

I have watched Jim apply these same core values and abilities learned as a child to his adult life as a successful business owner and then to public service as Scott Township Trustee, County Councilman and now as County Commissioner. He has consistently used the experience gained in his business and at each level of government to succeed at the next level. County taxpayers have benefited immeasurably from this experience and his level-headed leadership and approach to problem solving.

The election for County Commissioner on June 2 is a very important one not only because of the current economic issues we have due to COVID-19, but also for those we will undoubtedly face in the future. We need to retain Jim’s honesty, experience, work ethic and commitment to Steuben County.

Voter turnout is critical in any election but especially so in this one. Please vote and join me in voting for proven leadership and integrity. Please join me in voting to re-elect Jim Crowl as County Commissioner.

George Gilbert


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