To the editor:

Let this letter serve as an endorsement for Rodney Snyder for the Steuben County Coroner. I have had the privilege of working with Rodney for the last 15 years with the DeKalb County Coroner's Office. The first seven years as a deputy coroner and the rest of the time as the DeKalb County coroner.

Rodney is the ultimate teammate and co-worker. He readily picks up extra shifts and covers for our department when staff runs into a bind and needs extra help. Rodney has been with the coroner's office in both DeKalb County as well as Steuben County for quite some time and both counties are lucky to have him serving in both departments. Rodney is already a medio-cological death investigator in the state of Indiana that has mandated to all coroners within six months of taking office. His medical knowledge with working EMS for many years makes his ability to investigate any death scenes important, as he understands the mechanism of injuries and illnesses. He also already has a working relationship with the law enforcement offices of Steuben and DeKalb counties as well as the members of the Indiana State Police. His collaboration with the other members of the investigating agencies throughout the investigation process as key as well. He ensures that other agencies are kept up to date throughout the investigation process. Rodney also has a good working relationship with Dr. Wagner and the other physicians of the Northeast Indiana Forensic Center that conducts all the autopsies for DeKalb and Steuben counties.

His ability to connect with a family in a time of need is nothing but professional in the utmost manner. He remembers that the family is also a very important part of the investigation and ensures the family is kept up to date throughout the investigation from the beginning until the death certificate is filed and the final reports are delivered. Rodney has worked with families from out of state as well as out of country to help get the families' loved ones back to them.

Rodney has also tried to save money for my office by working with the families to prevent doing autopsies, saving the county by avoiding an autopsy unless absolutely needed, saving the taxpayers money every year.

I am proud to say that I endorse Rodney Snyder for Steuben County Coroner and would gladly come to support him at any type of debate process.

Michael P. Gerber

DeKalb County Coroner

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