Medical professionals should make medical decisions

To the editor:

An article in The Herald Republican last month regarding the Steuben County Commissioners’ action regarding the letter from Cameron Memorial Community Hospital and the Steuben County Health Department raised some concerns with me.

Statewide, county commissioners may have been granted the authority to make decisions regarding protocol to implement in health situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

I want to be perfectly clear that this is not disrespect or disparaging to our local commissioners. However, has this law given them more authority to act in matters they are not experts in? Personally, I want critical decisions about my health to be decided by medical, experienced personnel. Yes, each of us can freely decide what we will do regarding COVID or any medical emergency/crisis. The more information we have the better equipped we are to make these decisions.

We all have the freedom of choice regarding getting a vaccine and wearing a mask for protection against COVID.

I choose to do both not only for myself but for everyone I come in contact with.

Anywhere we go may put us in contact with numerous others. That’s something to consider with each choice made; none of us lives in an isolated bubble.

This is just one person’s thoughts, and is meant to have others consider what impact their actions might have in any community.

Pat Johnson


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