On Monday, Ligonier city officials took a break in the council meeting to watch a new video about Ligonier.

The short promotional spot highlights Ligonier’s history, its offerings, its economy and its people with lots of good-looking, sprawling shots of the city from both down on the ground and up in the air. The production values are excellent and makes Ligonier look as good as what you might see out of more upscale metro suburbs.

Produced by Ligonier resident Aaron Waggoner, the new video has been posted online and has received a lot of attention already.

Mayor Patty Fisel told the council the video made her teary-eyed when she first saw it, to which many council members and department heads in the audience agreed.

“It was done very well and I think it presents as good a picture as could possibly be presented,” council member Ken Schuman said at Monday’s council meeting. “It gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling.”

After watching the video ourselves, we have to agree.

Many communities are hesitant to toot their own horns, or, at least, are hesitant to put some of the local tax dollars into marketing. A few years back, when a similar video marketing product was being pitched to all the cities and towns in Noble County, there were some who were extremely skeptical about the cost versus benefit.

That doesn’t seem to be the case with Ligonier, however, and the city will be better off for it. Yes, a video itself isn’t going to bring on a sudden wave of new development in the city, but this short clip is a good introduction to the community.

We could reasonably picture the mayor sending it out to residential developers or businesses that are considering Ligonier for new projects. We could imagine local employers using it as part of their marketing package as they try to get new people to relocate to the city. Honestly, even this publication could send it to prospective employees as we look to hire new reporters to cover the county’s west side.

While the marketing video shows Ligonier’s highlights, there are some challenges the city is facing that aren’t shown here that an in-person visit to the city would reveal. But that’s to be expected in any type of marketing; you’ve got to entice people to give you a second look before you can make a greater case for someone to spend their time or money with you.

This video is just one piece of a larger puzzle. And Ligonier should be applauded for making the effort and trying something new.

Attracting new interest in our communities isn’t going to happen by being humble and carrying on, hoping people will discover our cities and towns on their own.

So we support Ligonier taking an opportunity to toot its own horn.

We expect people will hear it and look to see what all the hubbub is about.

This Our View previously ran in The Advance Leader.

Our View is written on a rotating basis by Grace Housholder, Dave Kurtz, Michael Marturello and Steve Garbacz. We welcome readers’ comments.

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