It’s time to give Operation Foundation a needed boost.

The public service event in Ligonier has been running for years, but it’s on life support this year. Previously spanning several days, Operation Foundation runners almost canceled it this year, but instead decided to try out a one-day help-a-thon.

Getting enough volunteers to help has been a struggle in recent years. Operation Foundation volunteers get assigned to a lot of different tasks around Ligonier, but yard work or home repairs seem to be a go-to most years.

The work that volunteers put in can be a huge help for residents, many of whom are elderly or disabled or otherwise unable to keep up with the upkeep of their properties.

The work not only can be a huge relief for them, but it’s a boost for the entire neighborhood when residences are kept clean and tidy. On top of that, those kind of general maintenance items can help keep a house from falling further into disrepair.

Noble County is struggling with housing as it is, and when asked back during the primary election season on how to solve it, candidates said the approach has to be two-pronged — building new housing to add more capacity and working on what’s already here.

So this year, there can be no excuses. There’s no wiggle room to say, “Well, I’m going to be kind of busy so maybe I’ll see if I can go later in the week.”

Last year, in an editorial, we called Operation Foundation a “small city blessing” with a hope that the program will carry on.

We maintain that stance this year. The program provides assistance to those who need it, helps fight blight and engenders the spirit of community service among its residents, especially young people.

This is a tipping point. We encourage everyone who is able to make time to take part this year and show Operation Foundation’s leaders that, yes, this program is valuable and important. With that, we leave you with the same two lines we wrote to close out last year’s editorial:

Operation Foundation makes a better city and better people who live in it.

We hope to see the program continue and thrive in the future.

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