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Robert Sparkman

There are four basic players in the downgrade of this nation: 1) leftist activists 2) leftist media 3) leftist politicians 4) leftist technocrats including Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Twitter.

All of these players want to hinder freedom of speech so they can enforce their leftist narrative on this nation.

What is the narrative?

1. Donald Trump is king of racists.

2. The police are his loyal Gestapo.

3. Republican politicians are racists.

4. Republicans are racists, too.

5. All white people are white supremacists, although some might become "anti-racist" if they ally with the oppressed class.

This narrative, which began quite a while back, is still being exploited by the above players, and there is an effort being made to shut down anyone who challenges it.

It has already lead to serious issues in the USA and will continue for years.

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