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Aaron Jones (above) was candid about what the Packers offense, without Rodgers and with Love under center, will need from him and fellow running back AJ Dillon: More.

Rodgers is an admirer of Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray (above), and he's a bit jealous of the youngster’s athletic gifts. Rodgers was an excellent high-school baseball pitcher; Murray was a first-round draft pick in baseball and could have been a Major League outfielder instead of a quarterback.

The Packers’ dynamic duo of Aaron Jones (above left) and AJ Dillon (above right) is delivering exactly what the personnel staff envisioned when Dillon was selected in the second round of last year’s draft and what the coaching staff pictured after locker-room favorite Jamaal Williams moved on to the Detroit Lions in free agency. And while Rodgers might drive the offense, the Jones-Dillon pairing has been the engine, especially during the past several games.