College Volleyball

Schermerhorn, Purdue win NCAA volleyball opener

OMAHA, Neb. — West Noble graduate Maddie Schermerhorn had three digs, a kill and an assist in Purdue’s sweep of High Point in an NCAA Tournament second-round match Thursday afternoon in the CHI Health Center Omaha Convention Center.

The Boilermakers, the tournament’s seventh overall seed, won 26-24, 25-18, 25-19 after having a first-round bye. High Point, the Big South Conference champion, finished their season at 17-1.

Purdue (15-6) will play Oregon in a regional semifinal match on Sunday.

Trine women drop regular season finale

ALBION, Mich. — Trine University’s women’s volleyball team lost its final regular season match at Albion Friday night, 25-19, 25-13, 25-20.

Jacqueline Baughman had 24 assists, five kills, five digs and an ace for the Thunder (7-4, 3-4 MIAA). Kristen Dauksza had nine kills and Lindsey DeCamp had seven digs. East Noble graduate Sarah Toles had five digs, four kills, an ace and a block assist.

Trine will play in a first-round match of the MIAA Tournament on Tuesday. The Britons are 5-2, 5-2.

Prep Track

Chargers sweep Heights

BRUSHY PRAIRIE — West Noble’s teams defeated Prairie Heights in Northeast Corner Conference Western Division action Thursday, 74-58 in the girls’ meet and 98-34 in the boys’ meet.

The girls matchup was a meeting of the 2019 co-Western Division champions.

Emily Mawhorter (100-meter dash, long jump) and Yoseline Haro-Rodriguez (200, 400) won two events each for the Chargers. West Noble was first in all three relays.

Kalli Aaron won the high jump for the Panthers before getting two hits for the PH softball team against West Noble later in the afternoon. Alyssa Leland won the pole vault, Jaycee Malone won the 100 hurdles, and Kennedy Myers was first in the discus.

In the boys’ dual, Jalen Gonzalez won three events for the Chargers, the 100 and 200 dashes and the long jump. Lucas Baker (discus, shot put) and Grant Flora (1,600, 3,200 won two events each.

Event winners for the Panthers were Sam Zolman in the 300 hurdles, Kawliga Glasgo in the 800 and Zach Wiseman in the pole vault.

West Noble girls 74, Prairie Heights 58

100 — 1. Mawhorter (WN) 19.31, 2. J. Malone (PH) 13.38, 3. Mabie (WN) 14.16. 200 — 1. Haro-Rodriguez (WN) 26.53, 2. Mawhorter (WN) 28.78, 3. J. Malone (PH) 29.90. 400 — 1. Haro-Rodriguez (WN) 1:05.38, 2. B. Glasgo (PH) 1:06.34, 3. Gearheart (PH) 1:10.13. 800 — 1. Shoemaker (WN) 2:48.15, 2. E. Christlieb (WN) 3:10.59, 3. Gearheart (PH) 3:06.25. 1,600 — 1. Th. Parson (WN) 6:18.01, 2. Steele (PH) 6:31.75, 3. E. Christlieb (WN) 6:37.25. 3,200 — 1. R. Clark (WN) 13:16.87, 2. Th. Parson (WN) 13:19.96, 3. Slone (WN) 13:48.65.

100 hurdles — 1. J. Malone (PH) 16.37, 2. Springer (PH) 17.63, 3. Walworth (PH) 20.06. 300 hurdles — 1. Yates (WN) 55.97, 2. Springer (PH) 58.22, 3. Terry (PH) 59.78. 4x100 relay — 1. West Noble 55.94. 4x400 relay — 1. West Noble 4:47.14, 2. Prairie Heights 5:00.94. 4x800 relay — 1. West Noble 9:41.3.

High jump — 1. Aaron (PH) 4-6, 2. J. Malone (PH) 4-4, 3. Terry (PH) 4-4. Long jump — 1. Mawhorter (WN) 14-8, 2. German (PH) 14-5.25, 3. Springer (PH) 14-4. Shot put — 1. Bottles (WN) 30-4.75, 2. Terry (PH) 30, 3. Hartman (PH) 28-5. Discus — 1. K. Myers (PH) 90, 2. Bottles (WN) 89-8, 3. Terry (PH) 78-5. Pole vault (heights N/A) — 1. A. Leland (PH), 2. K. Dailey (PH), 3. Walworth (PH).

West Noble boys 98, Prairie Heights 34

100 — 1. Gonzalez (WN) 11.03, 2. Burns (PH) 11.53, 3. Parks (WN) 11.91. 200 — 1. Gonzalez (WN) 24.21, 2. Foreman (WN) 24.93, 3. Burns (PH) 25.28. 400 — 1. I. Flora (WN) 56.31, 2. A. Cripe (WN) 57.56. 800 — 1. K. Glasgo (PH) 2:17.69, 2. Dupuy (WN) 2:25.56, 3. C. Miller (WN) 2:29.03. 1,600 — 1. G. Flora (WN) 4:55.15, 2. K. Glasgo (PH) 4:58.5, 3. Campos (WN) 5:31.5. 3,200 — 1. G. Flora (WN) 10:42.97, 2. K. Glasgo (PH) 11:08.49, 3. E. Rodriguez (WN) 11:25.13.

110 hurdles — 1. N. Shaw (WN) 18.95, 2. Melson (PH) 19.16. 300 hurdles — 1. S. Zolman (PH) 48.51, 2. Wolheter (WN) 49.47, 3. N. Shaw (WN) 50.28. 4x100 relay — 1. West Noble 47.7, 2. PH 48.5. 4x400 relay — 1. West Noble 3:54.39, 2. PH 4:10.37. 4x800 relay — 1. West Noble 9:41.3, 2. PH 11:18.

High jump — 1. A. Cripe (WN) 5-6, 2. Johnson-Solis (PH) 5-4, 3. Wiseman (PH) 5-2. Long jump — 1. Gonzalez (WN) 17-10.5, 2. A. Cripe (WN) 17-5.25, 3. Foreman (WN) 17. Shot put — 1. L. Baker (WN) 38-11.25, 2. James (WN) 38-11, 3. Wiseman (PH) 35-6.5. Discus — 1. L. Baker (WN) 120-11, 2. Looney (WN) 100-7, 3. Hilbish (WN) 91-9.5. Pole vault — 1. Wiseman (PH) 12, 2. Shuller (WN) 10-6, 3. S. Zolman (PH) 9-6.

Cougars sweep Westview

EMMA — Central Noble’s teams won duals at Westview Thursday, 89-36 in the girls’ meet and 67-55 in the boys’ meet.

In the boys’ meet, Clayton Kirkpatrick (200-meter dash, 110 and 300 hurdles) won three events to lead the Cougars. Kayden Moore won the 1,600 and the 3,200 for the Warriors.

In the girls’ dual, Kayla Rinehold (800, 1,600 and 3,200) and Grace Ratliff (200, shot put, pole vault) won three events each to lead CN.

Central Noble girls 89, Westview 36

100 — 1. E. Zolman (CN) 15.05, 2. Ratliff (CN) 15.80, 3. S. Stutzman (WV) 16. 200 — 1. Ratliff (CN) 29.14, 2. S. Stutzman (WV) 29.35, 3. Castillo (WV) 31.33. 400 — 1. M. Vice (CN) 1:10.58, 2. Castillo (WV) 1:15.34, 3. Fry (WV) 1:17.53. 800 — 1. Rinehold (CN) 2:51.17, 2. Fry (WV) 2:54.57, 3. Niccum (WV) 3:06.13. 1,600 — 1. Rinehold (CN) 6:12, 2. Niccum (WV) 6:22, 3. An. Price (CN) 6:35. 3,200 — 1. Rinehold (CN) 17:52.69, 2. An. Price (CN) 17:53.69.

100 hurdles — 1. R. Paris (CN) 18.34, 2. Truelove (CN) 19.57, 3. K. Bortner (CN) 20.02. 300 hurdles — 1. R. Paris (CN) 58.48, 2. K. Bortner (CN) 1:01.53, 3. Privell (WV) 1:04.13. 4x100 relay — 1. CN (Truelove, R. Paris, M. Vice, E. Zolman) 58.25. 4x400 relay — 1. CN (R. Paris, Rinehold, Truelove, M. Vice) 4:49.87, 2. Westview 5:02.99.

High jump — 1. M. Vice (CN) 4-4, 2. E. Zolman (CN) 4-2. Long jump — 1. E. Zolman (CN) 14-10.5, 2. S. Stutzman (WV) 14-3.75, 3. E. Paris (CN) 11-8. Shot put — 1. Ratliff (CN) 31-6.25, 2. Rensberger (WV) 29-8.5, 3. Stump (WV) 28-4.5. Discus — 1. Kiebel (CN) 94-10, 2. Rensberger (WV) 90-8, 3. Stump (WV) 69-10. Pole vault — 1. Ratliff (CN) 7, 2. Niccum (WV) 6-6.

Central Noble boys 67, Westview 55

100 — 1. A. Smith (CN) 12.08, 2. Rogers (WV) 12.55, 3. Ch. Miller (WV) 12.64. 200 — 1. Kirkpatrick (CN) 23.71, 2. Hiestand (CN) 25.06, 3. B. Lehman (WV) 25.14. 400 — 1. S. Carpenter (WV) 54.71, 2. Ly. Miller (WV) 57.97, 3. I. Clay (CN) 1:00.13. 800 — 1. R. Carpenter (WV) 2:17.27, 2. Cupp (WV) 2:22.25, 3. Shepherd (CN) 2:26.19. 1,600 — 1. K. Moore (WV) 5:05, 2. Cupp (WV) 5:08, 3. N. Bontrager (WV) 5:23. 3,200 — 1. K. Moore (WV) 11:01.39, 2. N. Bontrager (WV) 11:50.55, 3. Q. Yoder (WV) 11:58.83.

110 hurdles — 1. Kirkpatrick (CN) 15.66, 2. J. Thompson (CN) 17.63, 3. D. Hostetler (WV) 18.37. 300 hurdles — 1. Kirkpatrick (CN) 44.22, 2. D. Hostetler (WV) 46.88, 2. J. Thompson (CN) 47.51. 4x100 relay — 1. CN (K. Baker, J. Thompson, Dunlap, Diffendarfer) 49.22, 2. Westview 50.04. 4x400 relay — 1. Westview (S. Carpenter, R. Carpenter, Ly. Miller, D. Hostetler) 3:58.42, 2. CN 4:03.44. 4x800 relay — 1. Westview (S. Carpenter, R. Carpenter, I. Hostetler, Cupp) 10:45, 2. CN 11:40.

High jump — 1. A. Smith (CN) 5-6, 2. Ly. Miller (WV) 5-6, 3. Wisler (WV) 5-2. Long jump — 1. Kirkpatrick (CN) 20-6, 2. A. Smith (CN) 18-6.5, 3. Dunlap (CN) 17-4. Shot put — 1. Norris (CN) 38-9, 2. I. Clay (CN) 38-6.5, 3. Rawles (CN) 36-0.75. Discus — 1. I. Clay (CN) 144-2, 2. R. Bremer (CN) 97-8, 3. Skinner (CN) 94. Pole vault — 1. Rogers (WV) 9-6, 2. Koehler (WV) 8-6, 3t. Osenbaugh (CN) and Brill (CN) 8.

Prep Baseball

Lakers hold off Westview

EMMA — Lakeland led Westview 6-1 after two and a half innings Thursday and hung on to defeat the Warriors 9-8 in a Northeast Corner Conference game.

The Warriors made six errors and gave up nine walks.

Brayden Bontrager was the starting and winning pitcher for the Lakers, striking out nine in six innings. He also had two hits.

Colton Isaacs had two hits and Cole Schiffli drove in two runs for Lakeland, who had eight stolen bases.

Freshman Mason Wire was 2-for-4 with three runs scored for Westview. He was also the starting and losing pitcher.

Freshman Braden Kauffman was 2-for-3 for Westview with a sacrifice fly and a run scored. Takota Sharick scored twice.

Freshman Steury leads Hornets to 1st win over Fairfield

BENTON — Freshman Micah Steury pitched a complete game and drove in two runs to lead Angola to its first win of the season Thursday. The Hornets defeated Northeast Corner Conference rival Fairfield 6-3.

The Hornets (1-5, 1-1 NECC) scored three runs in the first and led 4-0 after an inning and a half.

Steury scattered eight Falcon hits and struck out five.

Tucker Hasselman, Kyle Brandt and Alec Bixler had two hits apiece for Angola.

LPC rallies to beat Whitko

AUBURN — Lakewood Park came back to win its first game of the season on Thursday, defeating Whitko 7-6 in eight innings.

The Panthers trailed 6-3 after four and a half innings, then scored a run in the fifth and two more in the sixth to tie it. Logan Bortner had a hit to drive in Grant Merkel and tie the game at 6.

They preserved the tie in the top of the seventh inning by throwing out a Wildcat runner at the plate.

Freshman Gabe Dager scored the winning run for LPC in the bottom of the eighth inning.

Chargers take down Barons

HUNTERTOWN — Carroll handed DeKalb a 13-2 defeat Thursday.

The game went only five innings due to the 10-run rule.

Steele Jackson had a double and a triple for the Barons. Logan Greer had a double and an RBI.

Knights beat Warriors in six

SYRACUSE — East Noble defeated Wawasee 13-2 in six innings Friday night.

Brayden Risedorph led the Knight offense with three hits, and Walker Leamon, Justin Marcellus and Andrew Johnson each added a pair of knocks.

On the mound, Riley Meade got the win with six hits allowed and eight strikeouts in six innings.

Warriors fall to Raiders

MIDDLEBURY — Westview lost to Northridge 6-3 on Friday.

Ben Byrkett had a three-run triple in the top of the fifth inning to put the Warriors in front 3-2. The Raiders answered with four runs in the bottom half of the inning.

Only two of Northridge’s six runs were earned.

Westview (0-5) only had two hits. Freshman Braden Kauffman singled and scored a run.

Carter Gilbert was the starting and winning pitcher for the Raiders. He struck out 13 over the first six innings.

Easton Bontrager started and took the loss for the Warriors. He allowed four hits and six walks in five innings and struck out five.

Lakewood Park tops last-minute opponent Harlan Christian

HARLAN — Lakewood Park won its second straight Friday, defeating Harlan Christian 6-2.

Heights JV outscores West Noble

LIGONIER — Prairie Heights’ junior varsity team defeated West Noble 17-12 on Thursday.

Lane Wagler was 2-for-4 with three runs batted in and run scored for the Panthers. Hayden Culler was the starting and winning pitcher.

Josh Ness was 2-for-4 with two runs and three RBIs for the Chargers. Keegan Clark scored three times.

Boys Prep Golf Fremont 2nd, Blazers 3rd

MIDDLEBURY — Fremont was second to Fairfield, 189-220, in a three-team Northeast Corner Conference match Thursday at Meadow Valley. Eastside was third with 240.

Falcon Carter Kitson was medalist with a 42.

Josh Sherbondy led the Eagles with 53. Fremont also had 54 from Lukas Berlew, 55 from Jake Allman, 58 from Alex Chilenski and 59 from Luke Campbell.

Kyle Yoder led the Blazers with 50.

Prep Softball Hornets lose at Fairfield

BENTON — Angola lost to Fairfield 4-1 in a Northeast Corner Conference game on Thursday. The Hornets are 1-5, 0-2 in the NECC.

In the junior varsity game at Angola Thursday, Angola and the Falcons played to a 3-3 tie. Vanessa Brandt drove in all three Hornet runs with a triple to tie the game.

Chargers start hot against Garrett

LIGONIER — West Noble scored 12 runs in the first inning en route to a 19-2 win over Garrett Friday.

Hailey Moser and Kacee Click each had four runs batted in and two hits in the victory.

Tatylynn Forrer had a pair of doubles and Julia Vargas had a triple.

Sheri Boucher and Halle Hathaway each had a hit for the Railroaders.

Churubusco wins in 10

CHURUBUSCO — Churubusco defeated Concordia 8-7 in 10 innings Friday.

Mariah Hosted singled home Mykah McCray in the bottom of the 10th to win it for the Eagles.

Girls Tennis Fremont, LPC win on Thursday

Fremont and Lakewood Park won their duals on Thursday. The Eagles won at Churubusco 5-0 in Northeast Corner Conference dual while the Panthers won 4-0 at New Haven.

No No. 2 doubles match was played in the LPC-New Haven dual.

In Albion, Central Noble lost to Northrop 3-2. The Cougar wins were at No. 1 and No. 2 singles.

Prep Boys Golf Knights fall to Braves

OSSIAN — East Noble fell 151-181 in a match at Bellmont Thursday evening.

The Knights junior varsity lost 178-192.

College Football Hunley makes MFSA Mideast League First Team

Saint Francis receiver and former East Noble standout Dylan Hunley made the Mid-States Football Association Mideast League First Team, announced Friday.

In four games for the Cougars, Hunley finished with 248 receiving yards and two touchdowns on 21 catches.

College Soccer Trine women lose regular season finale to Alma

ALMA, Mich. — Trine University’s women’s soccer team ended the regular season with a 4-1 loss to Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association rival Alma Thursday night.

Paige Moore and Tori Aquilino each had a goal and an assist for the Scots (3-4, 3-4 MIAA).

Olivia Argentieri scored for the Thunder (8-5, 1-4) with a little over 13 and a half minutes left in the first half to tie the match at one. Megan Davis had an assist.

Jessalyn Friederick made nine saves in goal for Trine.

The Thunder will travel to Kalamazoo on Monday for the first round of the MIAA Tournament.

Thunder men win regular season finale over Alma

ANGOLA — Trine University’s men’s soccer team ended the regular season with its third straight shutout as it defeated Alma 3-0 in a Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association match on Friday afternoon at Weaver Field.

The Thunder (9-4, 4-3 MIAA) outshot the Scots 23-2. Colin Nicoski, Alhasan Yahya and Brandon Murphy scored for Trine. Yahya, Tyler Murphy and Joey Donovan each had an assist.

Goalkeepers Troy Saylor and Luis Rodriguez each played a half and shared the shutout for the Thunder. Saylor made a save in the first half.

Trine will likely host an MIAA Tournament first-round match on Tuesday.

College Softball Trine takes 1 of 2

ANGOLA — Trine beat Kalamazoo 10-1 in five innings Friday afternoon, then lost to Calvin 7-3 in nonconference games at SportONE/Parkview Softball Field.

Against the Hornets, Ellie Trine and Bailey Vande Giessen both homered and drove in three runs each for the Thunder (20-6). Ashley Swartout added a solo shot. Adrienne Rosey (5-1) allowed an unearned run and one hit and struck out four in getting the win.

Then Calvin outhit Trine 13-9. Hannah Biddlecome had four hits and three runs batted in for the Knights (18-6).

Vande Giessen had a two-run double in the fifth for the Thunder. Swartout and Trine each had two hits. Elizabeth Koch was the starting and losing pitcher.

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