KENDALLVILLE — Dirk Pauley was working his way back into shape during Saturday morning’s Kendallville Sprint Triathlon at Bixler Lake Park. But the Fort Wayne resident was at a pace ahead of everybody else to win the 10th annual race in 1 hour, 4 minutes, 59 seconds.

Pauley, 50, was in the third wave of athletes to take to Bixler Lake for the 500-meter swim to begin the sprint triathlon. The youngest group of males ages 18-34 made up the first wave of athletes to hit the water.

Pauley led the field in the 12.75-mile bike ride with a time of 32 minutes, 9 seconds. He was flying at a clip of 23.79 mph.

Pauley was in more of a rebuild mode after suffering a concussion in a bike crash in March. This was the first time he ran the sprint triathlon in Kendallville fully. He took part in it one before as part of a relay team.

“I like the bike course for the most part,” Pauley said. “It was a fast course. The first couple of turns and the last couple of turns were challenging.

“The run course had my knee feel wonky. There were some nice shade areas if it were hot,” he added. “I was working my fitness back.”

Still, Pauley was third overall in the 5-kilometer run in 23:01.

Albion’s Clint Phares was second in the sprint triathlon in 1:07:02, and Warsaw’s Mason Geiger was third in 1:07:49. Geiger, 29, was the first to cross the finish line, but was among the first wave of athletes to begin the swim. Phares, 41, was in the second wave of men ages 35-49 to begin the swim.

Geiger was a first-time participant in the Kendallville sprint triathlon. He was looking for training alternatives in his preparation for an Iron Man triathlon later this year.

“I’m filling in with new sprints to keep my training interesting,” Geiger said. “I want to work on transitions and get to know some new faces.

“It was good to get out on the highway. You don’t see that too often,” Geiger said of the bike course, which included about a 3-mile stretch on Indiana State Road 3.

Nora Budreau of Fremont was the top female finisher, placing 12th overall in 1:17:51.

Budreau began running triathlons while she was in college at Ball State University as a means of cross training. She swam for the Cardinals after graduating from Fremont in 2001 and continues to work out daily to this day.

“I like to compete and wanted to find something to do,” Budreau said. “I used to do three or four triathlons a year.”

Budreau, whose maiden name is Lucas, is a regular in the Kendallville sprint triathlon and liked the changes made to the course. She liked how the layout of the running course allowed athletes to see the competition behind them.

“I like the run course,” Budreau said. “There wasn’t as many hills, and it wasn’t as muddy.

“There were no cars on the bike course. The volunteers were very helpful.”

A total of the 70 people finished the sprint triathlon. Six people finished the duathlon, which consisted of two 5K runs sandwiched between a 12.75 bike ride.

Ryan Cavender was the overall winner of the duathlon in 1:29:47. Kristie Alexander was the lone female duathlon participant and she was sixth overall in 1:48:58.

This is the first year the Cole Center Family YMCA and the Kendallville Parks Department have co-hosted the sprint triathlon and duathlon. The event was co-hosted by KPC Media Group the last nine years.

Proceeds from Saturday’s Kendallville Sprint Triathlon and Duathlon went toward scholarships for youth to attend Camp Wethonkitha, a local summer day camp, as well as help with its operational costs.

10th Kendallville Triathlon


(results courtesy of

Sprint triathlon overall results

1. Dirk Pauley 1 hour, 4 minutes, 59 seconds; 2. Clint Phares 1:07:02, 3. Mason Geiger 1:07:49, 4. Lincoln Frey 1:09:37, 5. Fred Stevens 1:11:35, 6. Jason Hoeffel 1:15:09, 7. Jeff Martin 1:15:24, 8. Mark Leu 1:15:38, 9. Matt Shaw 1:15:44, 10. Ken Borowski 1:15:48, 11. Evan Borchers 1:17:06, 12. Nora Budreau (top female finisher) 1:17:51, 13. Thaddeus Borchers 1:19:14, 14. Mason Gaerte 1:19:15, 15. Zak Keefer 1:19:44, 16. Kristin Gerhardstein 1:19:54, 17. Todd Rothi 1:19:56, 18. Kevin Truelove 1:22:08, 19. Spencer Mize 1:22:37, 20. Taylor Clemens 1:22:53, 21. Riley Peppler 1:23:25, 22. Brad Widner 1:24:24, 23. Ted Tiernon 1:25:22, 24. Andres Gil 1:25:35, 25. Chip Vandell 1:25:50, 26. Charlie Miller 1:24:18, 27. Greg King 1:25:52. 28. Mark Blessing 1:26:26, 29. Doug Morrow 1:26:57, 30. Holly Walters 1:27:40, 31. Kim Larsen 1:27:46, 32. Nathan Gunn 1:26:32, 33. Doug Smith 1:29:52, 34. Rob Gollon 1:28:10, 35. Jolynn Hockemeyer 1:30:22, 36. Andrew Booth 1:30:35, 37. Kayla Hoffman 1:30:52, 38. Sara Phares 1:31:00, 39. Ross Robison 1:29:54, 40. Terry Anderson 1:32:10, 41. Finley Hasselman 1:32:23, 42. Ray Pence 1:32:52, 43. Chuck Zumbrun 1:33:26, 44. Danielle Deal 1:34:09, 45. Trina Chapman-Smith 1:34:16, 46. Joe Taylor 1:35:40, 47. Kaetylnn Wise 1:36:06, 48. Matthew Cash 1:36:13, 49. Kary Martin 1:36:47, 50. Joe Heins 1:37:00, 51. Justin Galaviz 1:37:04, 52. Doug Johnston 1:37:47, 53. Rachel Kline 1:38:43, 54. Levi Nelson 1:39:37, 55. Elisabeth Rexroth 1:40:07, 56. Jennifer Fleck 1:40:51, 57. David Hale 1:40:54, 58. Taylor Smith-Graber 1:42:23, 59. Hannah Colby 1:43:38, 60. Maria Vanort 1:44:38, 61. Keaton Taylor 1:48:51, 62. Carolyn Carpenter 1:50:09, 63. Lisa Krueckeberg 1:53:00, 64. Emily Nagy 1:54:01, 65. Shannon Linder 1:54:02, 66. Stephanie Hine 1:56:53, 67. Celia Geark 2:00:44, 68. Bailey Pelliccia 2:01:23, 69. Chloe Hutchins 2:05:49, 70. Rick Robertson 2:15:59.

Duathlon overall results

1. Ryan Cavender 1 hour, 29 minutes, 47 seconds; 2. Jonathan Martin 1:33:11, 3. John Hinkley 1:37:58, 4. Doug Brown 1:42:37, 5. Jason Savoie 1:47:02, 6. Kristie Alexander 1:48:58.

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