Railroader marks Baron

Garrett’s Trevor Armstrong, left, tries to win the ball from DeKalb’s Colton Gaier during Thursday’s match at DeKalb.

WATERLOO — Garrett just wouldn’t stop working.

Coming close on several scoring attempts in the second half in Thursday’s boys soccer match with DeKalb, it looked like it might just not be the Railroaders’ night, despite keeping the Barons under pressure throughout the second half.

Then Creigh Dircksen was fouled in the box and put in a penalty kick with 3:07 to go. With 1:16 left, Zak Klopfenstein banged in a cross out of the right corner, and the Railroaders had battled back to gain a 2-2 draw.

“You’ve just got to keep working,” Garrett coach Doug Klopfenstein said. “Eighty minutes is a long time. Things can happen in the last few minutes just like tonight.

“I’m proud of my guys, and DeKalb’s got a nice team. I know it’s a tie, but the situation we were in, I’ll take it.”

Several key saves by junior keeper Reese Matthews made it look like the Railroaders (3-4-1) might fall short. He scrambled to stop several shots and maintain the Baron lead.

“Seventy-seven minutes was great soccer on our part,” Baron coach Justin Bigelow said. “You have a lapse in intensity for three minutes, and you end up with a tie instead of a win.

“Garrett did a great job of fighting and continuing to play, and they deserve what they got. Our boys are going to continue to get better.”

DeKalb’s goals came on the other end of the time spectrum. Freshman Carric Joachim scored both.

The first was a high blast from about 30 yards out that sailed above the reach of Garrett keeper Kaleb Samons at the 32:53 mark of the first half.

Joachim pounced on a rebound from close range exactly 2 ½ minutes later, and DeKalb (2-3-1) had an early 2-0 edge that lasted until Garrett’s late heroics.

DeKalb won the junior varsity match 2-0 on goals by Nicholas Dove and Corbin Gillian.

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