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Nebraska head football coach Scott Frost speaks at the NU athletics press conference on Monday, Aug. 23, 2021.

Here’s Monday’s edition of 20 questions with Nebraska head coach Scott Frost.

It is actually, exactly 20 questions from local reporters, which took a grand total of 5 minutes and 7 seconds to get through.

Frost’s Thursday briefings are typically short, but Mondays generally last anywhere from 12-25 minutes.

Here’s the full set of questions and answers:

Q: No depth chart today, is that just kind of the plan, holding some stuff back for this opener?

Frost: “Yeah, we’re just getting ready for that first game. No depth chart.”

Q: Does this feel any different from the first three years – OK, last year was different, but the previous two years before that?

Frost: “I love my team right now. We’re having fun, we’re preparing hard, we’re getting ready for that first game. We’re excited.”

Q: How’d the backup QBs sort itself out through fall camp? Do you feel like you have a No. 2 right now?

Frost: “Yeah, we’ve got multiple guys that are ready to play right now and they’re all prepping hard for this first game.”

Q: How did the Blackshirt ceremony go today?

Frost: “That was neat. We gave out 12 Blackshirts and I know those guys are excited to get on the field on Saturday.”

Q: With the captains that were picked, Damion Daniels is a guy who worked himself up to that point the past couple years. What have you seen from him and his growth not only on the field but off the field to be recognized by his peers like that?

Frost: “I can’t wait to watch him play this weekend. The team voted on the captains and we got four and he will do a great job leading us Saturday.”

Q: When you came here, you really wanted to remake the culture in terms of player leadership. A lot of players today said that that’s happened. When you look at this group of player leaders, what do you like about it and what do you feel like has changed?

Frost: “I like that they’re preparing for the game on Saturday, starting with today. I like how they prepared in camp. I like how they’re leading the team to get us ready.”

Steven M. Sipple and Parker Gabriel give their four takeaways after practice on Monday.

Q: Are there fires that used to reach your desk that don’t now because of the guys you have in place?

Frost: “I don’t know. All I’m focused on is Saturday.”

Q: What is it about the way they’re preparing that you like?

Frost: “They’re playing hard. We’re getting good leadership. I think the focus is there. The guys are excited.”

Q: Illinois, I know it’s difficult with a new coaching staff to prepare for them, but can you go back and look at some of their personnel from last year, are there some guys that jump out? How much do you kind of balance looking back at their personnel with also not knowing exactly what a new staff will do

Frost: “Yeah, there are some challenges to playing a team that has a new staff. We didn’t play very well against them last year, made some mistakes. We need to play better this year. I think the guys are locked in on that.”

Q: How much do you think the Illinois coaching staff will draw from the stuff that Bielema did at Wisconsin and Arkansas as opposed to making it fit to what they have there?

Frost: “I have no idea. All we can do is guess. We’re just doing the best we can to prepare for the game.”

Q: Do you feel like you’re in a good place clarity-wise in terms of the COVID protocols that your team has to abide by going forward?

Frost: “I think we’re in a really good spot and I think there will be an announcement from someone other than me here real soon. To me that’s private for the kids and I don’t want them thinking about that. I want them thinking about Saturday.”

Q: Have they given you any indication as to how testing will work? Or will there be testing?

Frost: “Yeah, there will be once-a-week testing for anybody who’s not fully vaccinated and I don’t think that will be a distraction from what we’re trying to get done.”

Q: Who’s going to announce? What do you mean?

Frost: “I don’t know. I think you’ll hear something.”

Q: From…

Frost: “I think you’ll hear something.”

Q: From Nebraska?

Frost: “I think you’ll hear something.”

Q: Do you want to tell us?

Frost: “If I wanted to tell you, I would.”

Q: Preparation-wise, is this team where you want it to be in game week?

Frost: “Yeah, you’re never 100% satisfied, you can always get better. But I’ve been excited about the preparation. All the preparation in the world doesn’t matter if you don’t go play well. I think our guys are laser-focused right now and I like where they are.”

Q: It’s going to be a 90-degree day out there probably, noon kickoff, how himportatn will depth be just on a hot day in an opener like this?

Frost: “We’ll see. We’re doing whatever we can to get them in the right environments to be ready to play. That’s what you can expect around here is a warm game early on in this league. I think we’ll have them ready to try to perform well.”

Q: How well has Coach Held done this fall of getting those running backs reayd to play an din game shape?

Frost: “Coach Held is an important part of our team. He’s doing a good jbo of getting those guys up to speed. I think we’ll have several guys ready to go for us.”

Q: How do you feel about the progress that your defense has made in being able to create turnovers? What do you see in practice and where are you at in that phase?

Frost: “I feel good about it. Look forward to watching them play on Saturday.

Thanks guys.”

Steven M. Sipple and Parker Gabriel deliver the Two-Minute Drill after practice on Monday, Aug. 23, 2021.

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