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Nebraska defensive linemen Ben Stille. Content Exchange

The cast

No. 95, Ben Stille, 6-5, 295, sr.; No. 4, Keem Green, 6-5, 320, jr.; No. 55, Chris Walker, 6-6, 300, jr.; No. 87, Jordon Riley, 6-6, 330, jr.; No. 93, Damion Daniels, 6-3, 335, jr.; No. 97, Deontre Thomas, 6-3, 295, jr.; No. 92, Tate Wildeman, 6-5, 290, so.; No. 98, Casey Rogers, 6-4, 300, so.; No. 52, Mosai Newsom, 6-4, 285, rfr.; No. 89, Jamin Graham, 6-4, 240, rfr.; No. 99, Ty Robinson, 6-6, 310, rfr.; No. 72, Nash Hutmacher, 6-5, 330, fr.; No. 96, Marquis Black, 6-4, 310, fr.; No. 90, Ben Lingenfelter, 6-4, 290, jr.; No. 82, Colton Feist, 6-2, 280, so.; No. 80, Jacob Herbek, 6-5, 260, rfr.; No. 73 Baylor Brannen, 6-4, 260, fr.

2019 cliffhanger

A senior trio that led Nebraska in snaps and production is now in the NFL. Khalil and Carlos Davis and Darrion Daniels set the tone, with some of the returning group, including Stille, Damion Daniels and Deontre Thomas, also rotating in.

The new cast

Newcomers include junior college transfer Jordon Riley and freshmen Hutmacher and Black.

Season preview

Between the veterans — Stille, Daniels and Thomas — and the freshmen, there are several players who will help determine whether this group is a strength in 2020 or not. That includes Green, Rogers and Robinson primarily, and perhaps some other promising players like Newsom.

The star

Stille has been a fixture in the lineup for years and he is by far the most experienced player returning for defensive line coach Tony Tuioti. He’s a leader in the group and will also be counted on as, likely, a starting defensive end. Stille, the Ashland native, has played in 33 career games and has 21 tackles for loss and 11.5 sacks to his ledger so far. Can he be a six- to eight-sack player and push toward double-digit TFLs? If so, he’ll be an anchor for Nebraska up front.


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