AUBURN — The water tower overlooking Auburn’s east side will get a new coat of paint this fall.

The city hired Fedewa Inc. of Hastings, Michigan, for the job Thursday. Fedewa submitted the lowest of eight bids for the job at $242,800. Some potential contractors bid more than twice that sum.

Fedewa will repaint the exterior of the tower in the existing light blue color. The city’s logo will remain the same, but will be painted in navy blue, instead of the present black.

The contractor also will sandblast and recoat the interior of the water tower.

City water department Superintendent Randy Harvey said the work is expected to begin in early September. It is the first time the tower has been repainted since the early 1990s.

Harvey said a separate project, replacing all water meters in the city with updated equipment, is going very well and is approximately 35 percent complete. The project began May 20 and involves visiting nearly all water customers in the city to install new meters.

The Auburn Board of Works and Public Safety approved the water tower contract Thursday in a meeting at City Hall.

The board also approved extending Auburn Essential Services fiber-optic service to Byler Lane Winery south of the city. AES Superintendent Chris Schweitzer said several potential customers near the winery have shown interest in subscribing to the broadband service.

“Hopefully we’ll have some more of those in the future,” Schweitzer said about the extension of AES service.

The board approved closing of several city streets for the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Festival, Aug. 29-31. The streets affected will be the same as for past festivals, said Police Chief Martin D. McCoy.

For the festival’s opening event, Cheers to the Festival, closing of 6th Street downtown was approved for Aug. 24 from 3-9 p.m.

The board also approved closing of Hawthorne Place near Greenhaven Terrace for a neighborhood block party on July 20 from noon to 10 p.m.

The meeting ended with a reception and refreshments to mark Mayor Norm Yoder’s 70th birthday.

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