WATERLOO — DeKalb High School student Matthias Hefty won the top prize in last week’s DeKalb Central Science Fair with his project to design an efficient goat feeder.

“The purpose of this experiment was to engineer a hay feeder specifically designed for goats that can reduce waste and save money,” Matthias Hefty said. “I hypothesized that my hay feeder design with small openings for goats to eat from will waste the least amount of hay and save the most money compared to the control of a traditional hay feeder.”

He added that his 2-inch by 4-inch design did the best, wasting only 4% of the hay that was fed and enabling goat farmers to save $15.65 a year for one goat.

Sydney Hefty placed second with her project titled “The Effects of Different Turbine Blade Shapes on the Output of Hydroelectric Power.”

“I began researching this topic to find and design a supplemental power source for small residences and farms struggling through the COVIID-19 pandemic,” she said. “This turbine, when placed in a fast-moving body of water, can power up to 40 small A/C units. This scientific discovery will lower the electricity bills for anyone of the 40%-plus of Americans that are living on or near a moving body of water.”

Third-place winner Olivia Woodcox said her project is a recreation of the Asch Conformity Experiments of 1951 to observe the effects of herd mentality. The original experiment used groups of eight male students to perform a series of line judgment tasks. Seven members of each group were told to give the same incorrect answer to the task in order to measure how often the non-actor would side with the clearly incorrect majority.

Her recreation of the experiment used female students instead of males and demonstrated that a female student is just as likely to choose the wrong answer as a male student under the same conditions, she said.

Entries in the high school and middle school division were judged during the week, with elementary division projects judged Saturday. Winners were revealed Sunday online.

The complete list of winners;

Senior Division

Chemistry —1. Atticus Refner;

Engineering — 1. Cade Speer;

Earth and Environmental Science — 1. Matthias Hefty, 2. Sydney Hefty, 3. Gavin Kling;

Behavioral and Social Science —1. Olivia Woodcox, 2. Jozie VanderHorst, 3. Mallory Eltzroth, 4. Will Haupert;

Physics — 1. Christopher Schweitzer, 2. Clayton Brown, 3. Timothy O’Keefe;

Plant Science — 1. Olivia Rigby;

Biochemistry — 1. Olivia Benbow and Alana Morris;

Animal Science —1. Nate Fillenwarth;

Microbiology —1. Sierra Steckley and Daniel Bennett;

Overall Winners — 1. Matthias Hefty ($500), 2. Sydney Hefty ($300), 3. Olivia Woodcox ($100), 4. Atticus Refner, 5. Nate Fillenwarth.

Junior Division

Chemistry — 1. Remmington Bartlett, 2. Veronicka Bauman;

Engineering — 1. Isaiah Fox, 2. Mason Schiffli;

Microbiology — 1. Mara Keyes;

Behavioral and Social Science — 1. Maddux Smith;

Plant Science — 1. Titus Refner;

Animal Science — 1. Silas Refner, 2. Cord Akey;

Perseverance Award — Mason Schiffli;

Overall Winners — 1. Titus Refner ($100), 2. Silas Refner ($50), 3. Mara Keyes ($25), 4. Remmington Bartlett, 5. Cord Akey.

Elementary Division

Earth and Environmental Science — 1. Leona Phillips, 2. Reagan Hagar, 3. Oceana Gilbert;

Chemistry — 1. Hadley Souder, 2. Harper Lee, 3. Lydia Van Auken;

Engineering — 1. Alivia Sassanella;

Behavioral and Social Science — 1. Kenzie Dunn, 2. Raegan Dunn, 3. Khirington Carteaux;

Plant Science — 1. Chloe Maple, 2. Margo Martz, 3. Alyssa Rice;

Animal Science — 1. Kora Glaser;

Mathematical Science — 1. Abigail Todd, 2.Anna Holbrook;

Biomedical Science — 1. Rowan Kempf;

Robotics and Embedded Systems — 1. Kale Keesler;

Physics — 1. Alex Baumgartner, 2. Xavier Baumgartner, 3. Maddux Schache;

Perseverance Awards — Waterloo — Cheyenne Wyatt; McKenney-Harrison — Likhil Raja; J.R. Watson — Lyra Delucenay; Country Meadow — Amileeya Ingram.

Elementary Overall Winners — 1. Alex Baumgartner, 2. Xavier Baumgartner, 3. Abigail Todd, 4. Chloe Maple, 5. Kenzie Dunn.

1st Grade — 1. Xavier Baumgartner, 2. Raegan Dunn, 3. Hadley Souder, 4. Alyssa Rice, 5. Madeline Dean;

2nd Grade — 1. Rowan Kempf, 2. Margo Martz, 3. Harper Lee, 4. Kora Glaser 5. Oceana Gilbert;

3rd Grade — 1. Abigail Todd, 2. Chloe Maple, 3. Kenzie Dunn, 4. Anna Holbrook, 5. Cheyenne Wyatt

4th Grade — 1. Alex Baumgartner, 2. Khirington Carteaux, 3. Emma Reed, 4. Madison Johnston, 5. Donna Jo Rockwell

5th Grade — 1. Aubrey Dunn, 2. Lydia Van Auken, 3. Kaiden Wilson

“On behalf of the coordinators at all the DeKalb Central Schools I want to thank all those who helped make the Science Fair possible this year,” said coordinator Chris Refner.

“We owe a huge thank you to the local businesses that generously donated money to allow us to give cash prizes, ribbons and trophies.”

Refner thanked Mr. and Mrs. Donn Starkey, Metal Technologies, Steel Dynamics, Rathburn Tools and Star Technologies.

“Without their support the fair would not have been possible,” he said.

He also thanked judges who came in during the business day on Friday and for more than half of the day on Saturday, including Lisa Conrad, Ron Hefty, Jennifer Akin, Tita Gordon and Dr. Mark Souder.

“Without their help, the fair could not have happened,” Refner said.

“Thank you to the community, and congratulations to the 78 young scientists that participated in the 2021 DeKalb Central Science Fair.”

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