GARRETT — The Northeastern Center has announced it will serve the Garrett community through a new collaborative project with the Garrett-Keyser-Butler school corporation.

The vision of this partnership is to provide early intervention, provide easy access and navigate the sometimes frustrating and complex system of community resources, the Northeastern Center said in a news release.

The Northeastern Center will provide the school district with a mental health professional that can assist students and families connect with available mental health and community resources.

“Garrett-Keyser-Butler CSD is thrilled to partner with Northeastern Center to provide the necessary supports and resources to meet the needs of our community’s youth and families,” Superintendent Tonya Weaver said. “Providing early intervention with a proactive approach fits within our multi-tier system of support framework that is critical for children’s success.”

This approach will ease the frustration of figuring out how to get appointments, who to call, what insurance the organization takes, and what services are available locally, Northeastern Center officials said.

The mental health navigator will provide assistance to teachers, administrators, families and students. This service is provided at no cost to recipients.

“For too long, the cost of mental health services has been a perceived challenge, and the mental health navigator of GKB will help families connect by eliminating the barriers,” said Dottie Fuentes, chief clinical officer at Northeastern Center.

“We believe strongly that this is a needed service for all of the communities that we serve and look forward to expanding this program in other communities,” Fuentes added.

The Northeastern Center serves over 5,000 individuals each year and is the community mental health center for LaGrange, Noble, Steuben and DeKalb counties.

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